RCS EPoS systems makes ringing up a sale easy, with the optional hardware package including barcode scanner, card swipe, receipt printer and cash drawer you can make s ale and manage your inventory simultaneously.

You can simply scan or type in an item’s code or search a key word and our POS systems instantly rertrieve the item’s information and populates the sales reciept, things such as the sales tax is automatically calculated. As you add items to the sales reciept your inventory is lowered by the quantity of the item or items sold. You can easily make changes to the items quantity, price, and tax code or to apply item discounts.

RSC EPoS systems can also help you to track your customer’s history. You can add customers if they’re first time buyers, you can simply add their information like name and address, you only need to enter the information once, and the POS automatically stores and organises all of your customer contacts and sales history information in one place.

RCS point of sale systems offer different methods of payment to complete the transaction, the point of sale will notify you if there are any special discounts that have been applied to specific accounts. All you have to do is enter the amount the customer gives you and the EPoS system will automatically calculate the change that is due, the payment is then complete! To finish the transaction you can simply press “print reciept ”

For more information please visit the RCS website – https://rcs-uk.com/