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As a retailer your primary aim is to maximise your profits in an efficient way by effectively controlling the supply chain from suppliers, distribution centres and head office, right through to the point of sale.

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With over 30 years of experience in delivering software solutions to the retail sector, RCS have the tools you need to drive growth and maximise profits. Offering modular solutions with Omni-channel as standard, the RCS software ensures the effective management of stock, customers and staff from production through to the point of sale.

With an impressive range of clients varying in size from 1-500+ stores, why not give us a call today and challenge us to provide a better return on investment?

Ensure the efficient management of your retail/hospitality business

Our range of retail solutions are designed to enhance every aspect of your business, with the use of more accurate margin reporting, the ability to react to changes in buying habits, the implementation of automated sale and payment recording, access to real-time data and reporting tools, and much more.

Key Benefits

  • System tailored to your exact requirements
  • Effective merchandise management
  • Omni-channel as standard
  • React quickly with workflow items
  • Forecast labour costs
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve customer experience
  • Identify buying trends and target promotions
  • Single view of customers and business
  • Complete traceability from production to PoS

Improve product availability, while maintaining low stock levels

Carrying ‘Out of stock’ products means you are losing out on the
opportunity for profit. Reduce the risk of this while keeping inventory
levels low and minimising on waste and spoilage.

  • Reduce wasted time and resources selecting products for reorder.
  • Our systems have an automated setting to help you identify and
    order exactly what you need to maximise sales and increase profit.
  • From counting and picking to stock requests, transfers, and
    adjustments on easy-to-use touchscreen and handheld devices,
    manage inventory tasks with easy-to-use, touchscreen and
    handheld devices.
  • Easily replenish a wide range of products from fresh goods with
    short shelf-lives to canned goods and other non-perishables.
  • Easily manage distribution and supply remotely

    Our distribution services allow you to efficiently utilise a number of replenishment methods, including the apportionment of stock across multiple stores, automated replenishment, drop shipping to customers, and spreadsheet, website API and other third-party integration.

    RCS mobile devices allow for the smooth implementation of crucial services such as picking, stock control, receipts and labelling, purchasing and ordering, and more!

  • Discover how RCS point of sale features can improve your business

    The RCS point of sale allows for:

    • Sell and cost prices to be entered by effective date
    • Multiple pricing for same product (for example, eat in versus eat out)
    • EPOS promotions
    • Up-selling
    • Clerk analysis
    • Account customers
    • Hospitality and table management
    • Cash office management
    • Loyalty and Gift Cards
    • Card payments
    • Integrated scales
    • Kit management
    • Label production

  • Easily manage distribution and supply remotely

    An RCS website allows your customers to not only view and buy goods, and view their account details and invoice history online, but also offer a range of payment and account options, and smooth complaint and review workflow.

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