12 Great Loyalty Card Template Designs

Great design matters to your business, because design is part of how customers experience your brand; and according to Adriana Marin, a graphic designer at Shutterstock,

“People have [feelings] about your company based on the experiences that they have had with a brand,” (Design for Small Businesses)

With that in mind we’ve built a collection of great loyalty card templates to use in your shop, restaurant or cafe. Because the main goal of a successful loyalty scheme is to build brand loyalty.

Also, to help build brand loyalty we’ve put together a loyalty ladder check list. The loyalty ladder is a simple framework to help you measure the loyalty of a customer. Discover more here.

Loyalty Card Template Design

Many of the templates included in this list require Photoshop to edit them. But don’t worry if you don’t know how to use it. You can hire a designer to edit the loyalty card template for you and, because it’s a template rather than a custom design, the work should be very cheap.

Generic Loyalty Card Template

Business Loyalty Card Template

Vol. 2

Business loyalty card template vol2

Vol. 3

Business loyalty card template

The Lovely Whale

Lovely whale reward card

Sleek Professional Loyalty Card

sleek professional reward card


Coffee Loyalty Card Template

The following templates are perfect for anyone who runs a coffee shop. There are 5 different design styles so you can match the card to your business brand.

Coffee Shop Rewards/Loyalty Card

Coffee shop reward loyalty card

Coffee Shop Rewards Card

Coffee shop rewards card

Retro Coffee VIP Card

Retro coffee loyalty card

Brown Coffee Loyalty Card

Brown coffee loyalty card template
Coffee Shop Loyalty Card

Coffee shop loyalty card template

Moo Loyalty Card Template

Moo are one of the top online printing companies. They rose to popularity due to their printfinity technology which allows a different image to be printed on the back of a business card. Here are a number of loyalty card designs created by their designers.

Stamp Collector

brave new world card template

The Bar

the bar loyalty card design


pinafore loyalty card design

Once you’ve picked the loyalty card design it’s important that your retail system has a solid, loyalty system that can track and manage your customers points. 

Any of the above designs will make a great card for your business and with the right benefits your customers will be proud to be part of your loyalty program.

To help measure the loyalty of your customers we’ve put together a loyalty ladder check list. You can discover more by clicking the link below.

Discover The Loyalty Ladder Check List