One of the great features of the RCS Point of Sale System is that you can virtually maintain an unlimited number of POS keyboards on the system. And, each keyboard can have a similar number of layouts or individual screens.

This will become clearer throughout the article.

Firstly, let’s meet the Keyboard Layout Manager. Here’s a screenshot:


Before we discuss the Keyboard Layout Manager let’s first go over the hierarchy and relationship between the different elements that make up a keyboard in this system.

The hierarchy tree looks something like this:

  • Keyboard
  • Layer
  • Buttons

At the top of the tree is the Keyboard, also knowns as the POS Keyboard. You can have a virtually unlimited number of keyboards created on your system however only 1 can be active at any time.

If it makes it easier, think of a Keyboard as a Book.

Each Keyboard (book) is made up of a number of Layers (pages). And, each layer is made up of a number of buttons (words).

As mentioned earlier here is the Keyboard Layout Manager:

The role of this manager is to help you maintain the different Keyboard Layouts on your system. The drop down menu (highlighted in the screenshot above and below) lets you choose between different layouts.

On the left side of the keyboard layout manager you’ll find 5 buttons.

[column size=”1-5″ last=”0″]Keyboard-Manager-Functions[/column]

[column size=”4-5″ last=”1″]

New Creates a new Keyboard layout

Copy to New Copies the currently selected layout to a new layout. A really useful function if you want to duplicate your current layout to test a new keyboard design without losing your current design.

Remove – For when you want to delete a layout.

Edit – Takes you to the Keyboard Layout Editor so you can design or update the selected keyboard. It’s perhaps the most useful function of the whole Keyboard Layout Manager. (Learn all about the Keyboard Layout Editor.)

Rename – New Layouts are numbered so you may find it more useful to give each layout a name. This is the function you’ll use to do that.


So where can you find the Keyboard Layout Manager?

To find the Keyboard Manager you need to log into the back office system; it’s most likely installed on a separate machine from your till.

In the back office you’ll find a menu bar that looks very similar to the below screenshot:

The Keyboard Layout Manager is founder under the “Till Maintenance” menu.

Hover over the “Till Maintenance” menu item to reveal a drop down menu. You can then find the Layout Manager by clicking on “Edit Keyboards”.

Next Time

In part 2 of the POS Keyboard series you’ll be introduced to The Keyboard Layout Editor and shown the power and flexibility of the RCS Point of Sale.

In the meantime if you have any questions about the RCS EPoS System or would like to book a demo please call 01924 260020 or fill out the contact us form.