Avery Scales can offer a range of accurate, solid weighing scales to suit any operation and configuration. These scales are perfect for delis, bakeries, butchers, supermarkets, bars/restaurants and any other retailer that sells fresh or loose goods.

Retail Computer Solutions are a proud retailer of Avery Scales and we distribute a varied range of their products. This means we can suit your business requirements and specific needs.

With our Point of Sale Software it’s simple to integrate the scales meaning that weighted items will be processes easily and quickly. The products can be weighed on the scale, the barcode is then printed, and this barcode can be scanned by the point of sale system.

Using Avery scales to weigh loose goods will provide you with accurate stock level reports as well as lowering the chance of any potential human errors. This will provide managers with extremely accurate sales information. The barcode printing feature also improves counter management and so increases profitability.