Instore Systems

Business Solutions To Improve The Instore Customer Experience

By using retail technology you can improve the efficiency of every store in your business. From stock management to margins, pricing and logistics. RCS’s Instore Systems play a critical role in making hundreds of businesses around the globe more efficient.

Here’s how.

When stock enters your business you can book it directly into a shop floor or warehouse/storage facility. This gives your distribution team the flexibility to supply stock where it’s most in demand.

In busy periods that can be straight to the shop floor ready to be purchased by your customers. Along with choosing where to send stock your staff also have the option to use either a Hand Held Terminal or Goods In Sheets. The choice is yours.

Product and shelf edge labels are automatically produced, printed and waiting once stock has been booked into the business.


Instore Modules

Point of Sale

The heart of the Streetwise system.

Back Office Software

Manage multiple tills, stock and run reports.

Customer Accounts

Great for business customers and sales order processing.

Loyalty & CRM

Keep customers returning to your store.

Time & Attendance

Staff login, book holidays and manage work schedules.


Perfect for cafes, restaurants and table service

Do you have your own production facility?

With an instore system you can trace the production history of each item on sale – be it meat or baked goods – by simply scanning a barcode printed on the product label your shop staff can see where that specific item came from.

This is especially useful when you create one product from another. For example you may buy in a whole carcass and have your specially trained butchers break it down into cuts of meat (retail or wholesale). The RCS instore system is able to track exactly which carcass a cut of meat came from, or a pie, or a sausage.

How do you want to take payment?

Your customers don’t only have to pay with cash or integrated contactless chip & pin because you can also sell items on account. The truth is our point of sale is functionally rich and configurable. And, because it’s a touch screen terminal, it’s also really simple to use.

To show you just how functionally rich the POS is you can create purchase orders or place demand on a warehouse or other store right from the touch screen at the POS or the back office.

Table service!

A diagram of your cafe/restaurant is shown on the till screen along with each and every table, also the tables are colour coded depending on the tables status.

This makes it easy to see which tables are free and ready for customers to sit at. It also holds the order information for that table and can be viewed by simply clicking on the table.

Keep Customers Returning To Your Store

Building a loyal base of repeat customers is the core to running a successful shop. This is another area where the instore system can help with the customer experience and streamline the effort required to build loyal customers.

Firstly, the customer loyalty & CRM module turns the POS into a powerful marketing tool. Customers can sign up for a loyalty card and earn points when they shop at your store. Once you have your customers information and permission to contact them you can use this to market products, incentivise customers via offering discounts, send email promotions or invite them to special events.

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