You may have considered installing an EPoS system into your business but you may have been put off by the thought of disruptions and changes to your business. You may be concerned about the time it will take to install a system and you simply can’t afford to worry about it! If this is what you’ve been thinking, then you should think again! Getting and EPoS system installed is an extremely simple process which means you have nothing to worry about. Your system can be up and running extremely quickly.

Here at RCS we know that you want your installation process done quickly and efficiently and we understand that you don’t want any disruptions to your business. We are experts in our field and we have installed hundreds of EPoS system in the past and will get your system up and running in super fast time.

The great thing about our EPoS systems is that they are extremely easy to use. Each feature of our systems is made with ease of use in mind and our software has been tested by people of different computer literacy levels as we understand that some staff will have hardly any experience in using computerised systems. Each touch screen display is incredibly intuitive which means the options that your staff require are obvious. You system will be installed by experts and we don’t just stop there! Our experts will also provide you with training aimed at your specific level. They won’t overload you with science and technical jargon, they’ll explain how your system works in a way that you’ll understand and all features that will be particularly beneficial will be pointed out to you.

Training your staff do their job with an EPoS system will take less time than training them to do the job with a traditional cash register. They system will provide you with all product information at the touch of a button. Imagine…all of the knowledge that you could possibly need during a working day stored inside the EPoS system and automatically dispalayed on screen whenever you require it…amazing! No longer will you need to remember detailed and complicated promotion offers, or receive complaints form unhappy and overcharged customers as you forgot about the ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ offer. The system will work all of this out for you automatically and will always charge your customers the right price.

For more information on how EPoS Software can benefit your business and your staff, come and talk to an expert here at Retail Computer Solutions.