You may think that you don’t need and EPoS system and that they’re simply an expense that you could do without, but what happens when your competitors have taken advantage of EPoS solutions and you’re the one losing out on business?

An EPoS system can be a blessing and if you’ve not had one installed, here are a few ways in which it could benefit both you and your business

Increase in Staff Productivity

An EPoS system is able to take a huge workload off of your employees. No longer will there be the pressure for your staff to remember special offers or make calculations themselves. An EPoS system can do all of this, meaning that your staff will be able to serve customers far more quickly.

Reduced Training Time

We all know that training staff can be extremely time consuming but with an EPoS system a lot of the training will be eliminated as the EPoS system has the capability to deal with a big chunk of the work. Staff won’t have to remember every promotion you’re running because the EPoS system will remind the! The great thing about these solutions is that they’re incredibly easy to use so your staffs don’t have to be particularly tech-savvy to use the system quickly and efficiently.

Eliminate Mistakes

Mistakes are almost impossible to make when using an EPoS system. For example if you’re ordering in a restaurant – Orders can be sent from handheld terminals directly to the kitchens so you know your customer’s order will then be correct!


Your EPoS system will calculate your stock levels. Say goodbye to the time consuming counting in your stock room. Many business owners find that this is one of the biggest benefits of adding an EPoS to their business. Your system can even alert you if you’re running low on stock and will ensure that you don’t run out of anything, meaning that your customer will never be disappointed!

Reporting Tools

Your EPoS system will be able to provide you with all sorts of detailed reports.  You’ll be able to tell at a glance what your best sellers are and which products aren’t doing so well, your EPoS system will then allow you to put these products on special offer. You system will even figure out trends – maybe if a product sells well in the summer but doesn’t do too good in winter. All this information is extremely useful to have at your fingertips.

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