Does your business have an active online presence? Can your customers browse your website and purchase your products or services online? If not you are throwing away a major opportunity, as Retail Week reports that retail cash spend decreased by 10% last year whereas online purchases increased.* So if your company’s website is dated -or non-existent- now is the time to move your business into the new era and embrace the idea of e-commerce. RCS can help you make this transition by offering a state of the art, fully integrated EPoS and Ecommerce solution.

In the online market the challenge is to get search engines (like Google or Bing) to like you; this way your company’s profile will appear more often in relative search results and your website will earn higher rankings and traffic. To accomplish that you need to design and build the right website for your business; the basic elements that make a website appeal to search engines nowadays are a neat, user-friendly design, search engine optimised content, detailed information on your company and your products and the daily interactions that it attracts. Think of your website as one of your retail stores: you want your clients to have a positive experience while they are there and to end up purchasing your products.

This is why RCS have developed a complete EPoS to Ecommerce solution that allows you to maintain one central management area over the traditional and the online sales field. RCS can design a search-engine and user-friendly website that will offer its visitors a unique online experience. To achieve the best possible results, our experts are always up to date with the latest technology and they hold extensive meetings with our clients, in order to fully understand their needs and targets. The website will feature information on your company and products, images and a comprehensive online product catalogue that will make purchasing easy. Since our Ecommerce system is directly connected with the EPoS system, all the product information can be easily taken from the RCS product directory.

The RCS system gives you numerous opportunities to manage your business effectively and increase your sales; every time you add or update product information using our EPoS system the details are automatically uploaded to the website. You can also schedule for the system to run frequent, daily checks and transfers to ensure that stock levels and product information are routinely maintained. A few more key features of the RCS solution are the “link products” function, which allows you to monitor your clients’ buying patterns and suggest products according to their buying habits, the “Sales Order Processing” that helps your clients to monitor their orders and the “Keyword Search”, which allows them to search for products within your website, without leaving your page. As the Ecommerce system is fully integrated with our EPoS solution, the system generates detailed reports on overall sales, but also on online sales, profits, product performance and website traffic.

If you run a retail business and you are always on the lookout for new ways to increase your profits, consider taking your business online or modernising your online presence. RCS can help you build a functional website that will attract more clients and can be easily integrated with our EPoS system. For more information on our total EPoS and Ecommerce solution please contact one of our experts today or visit our website –