When it comes to warehouse management the greatest challenge that every manager has to deal with is how to maximise the effective use of resources and at the same time cut down on operating costs. So here are a few tips on how to achieve both targets!

Safety Comes First

Make sure that the building, equipment and procedures that you use comply with the current safety and operating regulations. It’s not just a matter of conforming to law requirements; it is in fact a prerequisite if you want to narrow down the possibilities of an industrial accident or a fire that could result in major losses for your company. Organise regular training courses for all warehouse employees, as well, so that they are always aware of safety procedures and have attended the necessary training courses.

Choose your Staff Wisely

Warehouse management leaves no room for mistakes; that means that everything and everyone must work as a well-tuned mechanism. Choose your staff based on their experience and qualifications. Look for qualities like strong interpersonal skills, team spirit and friendliness too since a productive warehouse management is based on team work.

Delegate… But Always Be Aware of Everything That’s Going On

A successful manager is judged for his ability to delegate efficiently –amongst other things. However, that doesn’t mean that being a warehouse manager is all about sitting behind an office and reporting. Always maintain a first-hand view on how the warehouse and the staff operate; be aware of the daily schedule, arrange for regular inspections, work closely with your employees.

Optimise Warehouse Procedures

A warehouse’s daily schedule comprises of inbound, process and outbound procedures; receiving and checking products, storing them in the right location, packaging and shipping can end up absorbing company resources without delivering the desirable results. Opt for a warehouse management system that will help you manage the warehouse effectively and easily. RCS have developed a state of the art, integrated Warehouse Management System that can control either single or multiple warehouses. The system will help you manage every single procedure effectively; from stock intakes, storing and shipping to operating costs, staff performance and risk assessment our Warehouse Management System will run every necessary control and will provide you with all the reports that you need. What’s more, RCS offers you a wide range of warehouse management hardware solutions to choose from.

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