One of the main tasks in a retail store manager’s daily routine is stock management.

Ordering and stocking the right products, in the right quantity and place, has an impact on your business’s success; stock less or more than what you actually need and you may end up losing thousands of pounds.

Customers are always looking for retailers that offer great products and services at the right prices. That means that if their favourite products are frequently “out of stock” in your store -or if your staff need ages to spot a product and bring it to them- they will look for better service elsewhere.

An EPoS Systems can make stock management easy by turning it into an automated procedure! Thanks to inventory tracking, members of staff will never need to call the manager or the warehouse to ask if a product is in stock… A quick search into the EPoS system –that can take even less time if you use a Touch Screen EPoS solution – will give you all the information to find the product.

Moreover, the system will notify you if more products need to be placed on the shelves and you can set it up to reorder the necessary items when stock is running low!

If you are a multi-site retailer with a Head Office Management System then you’re even able to view stock across stores and reassign stock for customers if needed; providing you system has Central Product Management, Branch Stock Control and a Warehouse Management System.

This is a valuable tool that enables your staff to provide even better customer service.

It’s not just about being constantly aware of your stock and your stock needs though. An EPoS system has the ability to run various checks and controls resulting in useful and detailed reports on fast selling products or those that leave you the largest profit margins. That way you can adjust your selling or product management strategies and see your sales rise. It goes without saying that integrating the right EPoS solution with your business will help you offer impeccable service to your customers.

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