High levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction are at the epicentre of every successful retailer’s activities. By choosing an RCS EPoS system this task can be much easier than it used to since the Customer Loyalty and CRM system interfaces into our EPoS system.

Long gone are those days when a neighbourhood’s retail store manager would greet his customers personally; nowadays large retail stores with thousands of visitors daily almost monopolise consumers’ attention. There are ways though to make your clients feel the warmth of personal service. Customer Loyalty systems and Customer Relationships Management (CRM) systems help each retailer build and maintain long lasting relationships with his clients.

By integrating a Customer Loyalty Programme into your system you can store data about your clients and encourage them to stay loyal to your business by rewarding them with discounts or additional points. The RCS EPoS systems can capture every purchase made by a customer registered in the Customer Loyalty Programme and keep the system updated at all times.

At the same time a CRM system is essential to every modern retail business; it can help you identify and keep track of each consumer’s habits. This way you can adapt your marketing and sales policies to increase profits. Based on your Customer Profiles database you can design marketing campaigns and promote them to specific target audiences via post, email or sms.

RCS can provide your business with integrated EPoS and CRM solutions. But even if you already use another supplier’s EPoS system our open interface module can integrate it with the RCS Customer Loyalty and CRM system. If you’d like more information or specialist help, please contact us – https://rcs-uk.com/contact/contact.html.