During the last five years the financial crisis has deeply affected the retail industry; many retailers have lost a considerable part of their profits and others face financial issues. Entrepreneurs squeeze their minds to come up with ideas that will help them offer the best possible services to their customers, expand their client base and boost sales. If you are a retailer trying to find ways to increase sales and profits, then you’ll find the solution you’ve been looking for in an RCS EPoS system!

EPoS systems can help you save time and money and optimise your business operations. They offer you and your staff the ability to process multiple transactions quickly and at the same time they minimise the chances of human error; whether you are a small fashion shop or a big chain of supermarkets, this feature can help you offer quick and niche services to your clients. Your staff’s performance will improve, since with the RCS Touch Screen EPoS solutions, peripherals and handheld terminals, they won’t have to enter the price for each product manually, therefore minimising operational time and eliminating any chance of human errors. The system also allows you to schedule the daily shifts more efficiently and monitor your staff’s overall performance.

In addition, you can always have a detailed insight into sales and your business’s overall performance, as the RCS EPoS systems provide analytic reports on each product’s sales, profitability, peak hours etc. These reports offer valuable insights on how you can improve your sales strategies or product selection procedures; for example, if a product’s sales have dropped during the last few months you can use the data to decide whether you should promote it or stop selling it.  You can also set different parameters so as to monitor processes or products that you consider important!

Stock control becomes a less time consuming procedure as well! Even if you own a chain of stores, with our Retail Head Office Management system, all branches are always connected to the Head Office, continuously updating the central database. This allows you to be aware of your ordering needs at all times. You can also easily and accurately compare prices from different suppliers and determine which products are your best and worst sellers; you can use the system’s reports to purchase products at the lowest prices and to adjust your pricing policy or marketing strategies around one or more products.

Last but not least, you can opt for our Customer Loyalty & CRM programme that will help you improve your relationships to your clients and expand your client base. The system gives you the ability to monitor your customers’ consuming behaviour and their buying habits, thus allowing you to design and implement a customer loyalty programme and successful promotional activities that will boost the overall sales.

There are many more features that an RCS EPoS solution includes and can help your business grow. For more information on EPoS systems you can contact RCS  or visit our website – https://rcs-uk.com/.