Do you want to know how to keep your customers returning to your attraction site? If so, there are multiple benefits that an EPoS system can provide both you and your customers with.

Whether your attraction site is a museum, heritage centre or animal park – schools, families and tourists will always be interested in visiting! The only problem is you can be then faced with long queues for tickets and busy crowds at your refreshment stands and gift shop areas. This then could potentially mean that you’ll need more staff to manage this problem.

There is one solution that could prevent all of these problems, An EPoS System.

RCS are proud retailers of EPoS systems that can easily and effectively manage your admissions and retail and hospitality departments (just to name a few) they can also provide you with detailed reports full of important sales information.

Placing and EPoS system at your entry and service points means that your technology will be able to handle tickets, bookings, memberships, gift vouchers and even restaurant and shop operations.

If you’re looking to increase profits, optimise your processes and improve visitor satisfaction then why not come and talk to an expert at RCS today?


All of our EPoS systems at RCS are extremely user friendly and will allow your staff to operate at a fast pace and the great thing is that they don’t have to be tech savvy at all. Employees of all ages will be able to process tickets, merchandise and meal sales which will keep queuing time to a minimum – keeping your customers happy.


You’ll be able to schedule bookings through your EPoS system and you can store your bookings by visitor name and the number attending the party.  You can also add further details and requirements, and customers can also let you know if they require any more support.


You’re able to control visitor membership from your electronic point of sale. It will record members by the photo and name this will allow you to prevent the sharing of membership cards as they can be scanned into the system and will automatically show a photo of the correct owner.

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