Is Your Labelling and Production System Ready For The Changes?

Overview of Key Terms

  • Allergy and intolerance
  • Food law, monitoring and controls
  • Labelling, composition and date marking of food
  • Nutritional information
  • Country of Origin

What You Need To Know About Nutritional Labelling in 2016

The biggest changes in 2016 (following on from the 2014 changes) is that nutrition labelling will be required for most pre-packed foods from 13th December 2016.

If your EPoS or Production Software doesn’t have the ability to produce this nutritional information in the labels then you will be in breach of the new law.

The good news is there is still enough time to upgrade your technology to a solution that is already EU food and nutrition labelling compliant. The RCS EPoS and Food Production Software is fully compliant.

Here’s a screen shot of our nutrition labelling information pages:


Contact RCS to learn more about how the RCS Butchery System will help you comply with the new EU legislation.

Futher Reading

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