“With RCS EPoS systems it’s great that we don’t have to worry about backing up the system, or any upgrades – That was one of the issues that we previously had with our old EPoS systems where at the start of every week we had to back the system up, with RCS it means that it’s all done for us. We don’t even have to consider any upgrades or any backups, it’s all there and it’s all done.

We’ve actually received comments from our staff who used our previous systems that we had in store, and they find it so much simpler using RCS and also having that support there seven days a week, and this certainly helps if there are any issues, and they know that they can pick up the phone, and there’s someone there to help.

RCS EPoS systems allow us to see what’s selling in each of our stores, so we might find that there’s an item that’s selling very well in one store and not very well or not at all in a second store. The system actually allows us to check these sales on a daily or a weekly basis and we can actually rotate that stock between the stores which means hopefully the customer will get that item far quicker because it’s in the right store at the right time.”

For more information please visit the RCS website – https://rcs-uk.com/