If you’re an owner of a small business, you’ll know that stock taking can be a huge part of work life. Some would even label stocktaking as a nightmare job, especially if the burden always falls on you! Stock taking can take hours, especially if you end up making mistakes and you have to start over only to discover that you’ve run out of a best selling product without having the chance to restock.

Stock control is so important for retailers and getting the right levels of stock and the right products is vital for the smooth running of a business. With an RCS EPoS system stock control can be done quickly, efficiently and accurately rather than by a gut feeling.

If you’re looking for an effective stock control system that will do all the hard work for you – RCS point of sale systems will provide retailers with the perfect solution because business owners can see what their best selling products are and which are the most profitable at the touch of a button an items that aren’t selling to well will be easy to spot. Retailers can access this very detailed information which will help them to manage and improve their business. EPoS systems will allow the business to optimise their profits and to run promotions and special offers on slower welling stock.

All RCS EPoS systems allow retailers to take full control of their stock whilst providing a ‘real time’ and accurate update of stock levels.  One of the biggest advantages of RCS stock control systems is that multiple stores can manage their stock across multiple channels which will maximise sales across all sites.

Many business have benefitted from RCS systems, if you’d like to find out how EPoS solutions can help to manage your business, get in touch with an expert today – https://rcs-uk.com/solutions/epos-software-epos-systems-epos-.html