“Retail Computer Solutions have been paramount to the growth of my business, a few months ago we completely re-vamped our system and totally upgraded, we added high speed PoS systems at the checkouts. We also looked at the whole scale operation, we actually re-wired the whole system so the functionality has been improved, the speed to the scales has been improved and we introduced chip and pin, RCS also do a lot of our back office support, adding an in-house server we have a lot of PC’s that talk to each other and the ability to back up daily with the server has proved that we cannot manage without them looking after us. We do have the need from time to time to pick up the phone when there is a problem and there is always somebody there and there’s also a smile down the phone, and the service that RCS provide is amazing and we really do need that sort of backup often as we’re completely out of our depth.

We have a lot of members of the team that use the PoS systems, and we do everything from the total order processing, we do stock takes and we do a lot of reports, we have found RCS absolutely invaluable for historic data.”

For more information on RCS EPoS systems please visit our website – https://rcs-uk.com/