If you run a beauty and hair salon or a spa you know how hectic the daily routine can be; scheduling successive appointments, running numerous stock checks and placing orders or preparing the weekly shift schedule are only a few tasks a manager in the beauty sector has to deal with on a daily basis. Times have changed, though, and nowadays you don’t have to read through a pile of papers and reports in order to run a beauty salon efficiently. An RCS EPoS system tailored to your specific needs can do it for you!

With our EPoS software solutions for the beauty sector, you can have an accurate appointment system at your disposal. That means that you can manage your employees and their working hours in the most efficient way, without spending all the time you used to trying to avoid double-bookings or long breaks in their daily schedule. When it comes to managing a beauty salon, coordination is a prerequisite for success; our EPoS solutions will help you manage your staff and the available rooms and equipment in the most efficient way. Having a daily schedule and a business that runs smoothly will help you make better use of time and your staff and increase your overall profits.

Stock control doesn’t have to be a constant headache! With our EPoS systems you are always aware of your stock needs at any time since the database is connected with the cash registers and gets updated every time an item is sold! The system gives you the opportunity to set up automatic procedures so that every time you are running low on stock the system can alert you or even reorder a specific product for you! In addition, you no longer have to spend endless hours over spreadsheets, receipts and time schedules in order to write reports and estimate your business’s weaknesses and strengths. The system provides you with detailed reports that help you have a clear picture of profits, losses, sales, staff performance etc. This way you are able to make better decisions and optimal use of resources.

Needless to say that our EPoS systems give you the opportunity to maintain a client database that contains all the important information regarding each customer’s contact details, previous appointments etc. You can integrate our Customer Loyalty and CRM system with the EPoS system in order to get valuable data on your clients’ buying habits and consuming behaviours that will help you run a reward program and promotional activities. This is one of the most efficient ways to keep your current clients and gain new ones coming through your door.

There are even more functions included in RCS EPoS systems for beauty and hair salons that can help you manage your business more efficiently. You may also choose to integrate a Total EPoS software and hardware solution with your business; our range of hardware solutions includes some of the best products in the market. If you want to learn more about RCS EPoS systems, please, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website – https://rcs-uk.com/.