If you’re a nightclub owner it’s essential that you provide the maximum guest experience because after all, the level of custom determines how successful your business is!

This is why it’s important to have a reliable EPoS system that will keep going through the busiest periods right into the early hours. Retail Computer Solutions provide 24/7 backup and support and we have engineers on call if you feel like a problem cannot be resolved easily. Here at RCS we believe that these are essential offerings when it comes down to supplying nightclub EPoS Systems.


Your bar is the centre of your business and  an RCS EpoS systems will provide an accurate level of stock control which will allow you to quickly identify theft of cash or stock or “sweet hearting” (this is where staff give cheap or free drinks to friends or other staff members).

Speed of Service

Adding an EPoS system to your business will drastically improve the speed of service which means that your overall sales will increase. Your EPoS system is centrally linked, so back office cash, payment reconciliation, plus in-depth reports can be completed with ease. If you have multiple bar locations then you’re going to require a system that has the ability to transfer stock between the bars and the more you know about the location of your stock and who’s selling it, the easier it will be to identify problems with staff members or locations.

An EPoS system will allow you to provide a great service because there’s nothing more frustrating for customers waiting to be served by staff that are struggling with equipment that they don’t understand. This is why all of our EPoS systems are easy to operate.

Chip ‘n’ Pin

Limited payment methods can potentially create a bottle neck at your bar area so choosing an EPoS system that incorporates credit card payments will provide an unbeatable service that will keep your customers returning.

If you’re thinking about adding an EPoS system to your business then speak to one of our experts today! For more information visit – https://rcs-uk.com/