An EPoS system can be invaluable to a hair and beauty salon as it can play a central role in running your business. It has the ability to keep on top of appointments, can help you with promotions and offers and will also keep an accurate and detailed record of client information. An EPoS system will help you to improve customer service as it will help you to save your valuable time as it will allow you to be much more efficient as a business.

Here are just a few ways in which an EPoS system can benefit your hair and beauty salon:

You have the ability to make and change appointments at the control of a button.

All of your client records can be found in one place. You’ll be able to see what treatments your clients had done and if they have any special requirements. You can also keep record of patch tests and see how regularly your clients use tanning facilities.

An EPoS system will provide you with detailed information about how your business is performing which means this will save you time having to fill in and sort out endless piles of tedious paperwork.

Your EPoS system has the ability to accept Gift Vouchers which helps you compete with the larger high street stores. You even have the ability to offer loyalty schemes to your customers. Your EPoS will keep track of their spending and will reward them via your loyalty scheme.

You can keep track of your staffs working hours which will make payroll and easier task.

A modern touch screen EPoS system will fit in perfectly with your sophisticated salon whilst also allowing you to collect key information that will help to improve your business on a daily basis. You’ll be able to market to the right people whilst improving your customer service.

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