It’s always nice to discover a local deli that offers its customers a warm corner to enjoy a tasty lunch. Melrose and Morgan offer much more than this; they are an original, independent grocery shop and kitchen and they serve seasonal, tasty dishes hand-prepared with fresh and top-quality ingredients. To be able to come across a hospitable place like theirs, right in the heart of London, is a godsend gift to every Londoner. Melrose and Morgan’s success relies on offering visitors a friendly environment to sit in, premium foods to try and unique, fast services.

RCS are proud to have contributed to their success by providing the business with a state of the art, integrated EPoS software and hardware solution, tailored to their needs. Touch Screen EPoS Terminals of the latest technology have been installed at both Melrose and Morgan’s shops. The RCS EPoS solution also includes an integrated Chip & Pin system that is connected with check-out Bizerba weighing scales. The Bizerba scales are perfect for delis, since they offer accurate weighings, the option to produce price embedded barcode labels for weighed items and speed of transaction.

When running a multi-store business, efficient stock control and management is always an issue. With the RCS EPoS system Melrose and Morgan are able to control their stock centrally from their Head Office, thanks to a VPN that allows both stores to be connected to the head office at all times, constantly updating the central database, thus allowing the business to conduct stock control and management centrally.

In an overview, the RCS EPoS solution features numerous functions that help Melrose and Morgan offer amazing services to their customers. Being able to keep central control of multiple stores, run product promotions, change prices easily, create and maintain customer accounts and produce labels are only a few of the features of the RCS EPoS solution for delis. In addition to the above, the system can be further tailored in the future to include a CRM and Customer Loyalty Program, an E-Commerce solution or portable Hand-held Terminals! RCS is always going to be by their side to cover their needs.

If you are in the hospitality sector, whether you run a small or a chain multi-store business, don’t hesitate to contact RCS and talk to one of our experts regarding your business’s needs. You can also find out more about RCS and our EPoS software and hardware solutions by visiting our website –