Offering a customer loyalty scheme is the perfect way to get customers returning through your door on a regular basis and the great thing about loyalty schemes is that they can be applied to any business sector. So it doesn’t matter if you run a 1 till convenience store or a chain of Garden Centres with multiple tills – a loyalty scheme will work in your business. Using a Customer loyalty and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) facility will allow staff operating the tills to capture basic date about each customer. By obtaining this basic data, along with permission, customers can be contacted

at a later date to see if they would like to join your loyalty scheme. Once the customer has signed up to the loyalty scheme every single purchase that your customer makes will become registered in the Customer Loyalty Programme on the Point of Sale. Customers that have signed up to your loyalty system will be recognised in two ways, either by swiping their loyalty cards or by a sales assistant identifying a customer by postcode or address on the EPoS system.

Know your customers and tempt them to buy

The whole purpose of a Customer Relationship Management system is to get to know your customers spending patterns in more detail. By getting to know what your customer like you can increase your sales by delivering offers to your customers that will interested them to buy.

The CRM system has the ability to set up detailed customer profiles based on the information known about the customer along with their unique spending patterns. With this information you can aim specific marketing incentives such as promotions and campaigns to selected customers. Customers can be targeted via letters, Email and SMS Messaging.

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