EPoS systems are so well integrated in the major high street stores and supermarkets these days that many would wonder how retailers ever survived without them. But for smaller retailers, typically independents with single stores and limited space to warehouse, an electronic stock control and EPoS system is often considered beyond reach financially. That is until now!

RCS are proud to offer a diverse range of EPoS systems suitable for the smaller retail outlets including butchers, delis, farm shops etc right through to multi-million pound retail operations. And the smaller sized businesses making use of their EPoS system are certainly reaping the benefits.

“EPoS is not simply a quick way of processing a customer’s order through the tills”

EPoS is not simply a quick way of processing a customer’s order through the tills; it’s an all encompassing business tool that can cover all aspects of your supply chain and free up your time. EPoS provides the business owner with the opportunity to make informed decisions when they need to be made. For example, when your system is integrated into your warehouse a sale equates to one less unit of stock being held. With the system recording this stock movement automatically you can order more stock with confidence, knowing exactly how many units your business is holding and what value this stock equates to in cold hard cash.

For the smaller retailer, the personal touch and service provided to each and every customer is vital. This is often the USP of the business, so the more time you can devote to this the better. Less time spent in the warehouse counting boxes equals more time doing the things that really add value.

If you are fed up of manual stock control, counting boxes and inaccurate decision making then it’s time to consider installing an EPoS system; it might be just what you need to free your business from the shackles of excessive administration.

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