An EPoS system can be a crucial when it comes down to how smoothly your restaurant operates. Whether you’re a small high street restaurant or whether you’re part of a major chain, an Electronic Point of Sale should be at the very centre of your daily operations.

If you own a restaurant with a formal seating plan and EPoS system that incorporates a table plan can be a great help as this will allow you to keep on top of bookings, days, weeks and even months in advance. These systems allow you to manage your restaurants capacity and staff resources ahead of an event and more importantly will allow you to focus on future quiet periods where just a little promotional activity will boost your income.

Table planning systems also have the ability to request and manage deposits. They can even facilitate pre-ordering from an advance menu – Perfect for Christmas parties!

An EPoS system can suggest the best table layout, highlights when guests are due to arrive and will even alert the ‘no shows’. A good table planner will be able to register your guests immediately on their arrival and will then manage the waiting list and will help waiting staffs allocate guests to available tables.

Once service begins, your table planner will allow your waiter or waitress to update the status of the available table. This means that there is constant flow of information which will give front of house an accurate overview of the restaurants operation minute to minute.

The system will even measure your waiting staffs performance and can alert you when things may not be proceeding as they should be. This allows you to carry out an extremely high level of service and you’ll be able to monitor and manage your service to achieve that present.

EPoS planning software will also give and easy to understand geographical representation of any restaurant which will help the intervals between courses and can even predict when a table is likely to be vacated.

All of these features will help the service in your restaurant run smoothly without any disruptions – both your customers and staff will be grateful for this. An EPoS system will maximise your level of service and can allow you to turn tables around more rapidly and these are great ways to increase profit in any restaurant.

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