It’s not easy running a retail business; I cannot even begin to imagine how it must have been for store managers or owners a few decades ago… Because, in the end, running a retail store efficiently doesn’t just mean finding suppliers, pricing correctly or advertising. There’s so much more to a retail business’s everyday routine and, fortunately, nowadays EPoS systems make a retailer’s life so much easier.

RCS has been designing and developing software EPoS solutions for businesses in the UK and abroad for more than twenty years. We know how complicated or hectic everyday life in the retail sector can be so we offer integrated solutions, tailored to your business requirements. The most important characteristic, though, of every RCS EPoS solution is that it’s easy to use, since we understand that members of the staff don’t have to be certified in advanced technology to be able to use an EPoS system!

To mention just a few functions of an RCS EPoS system, you can use our fully customisable Touch Screen EPoS solutions, whether you run a big company with numerous retail stores and warehouses or just a local deli. An EPoS system will help you create and manage customers’ accounts, go through the ordering processes, weigh products and produce labels. If you run a café or a restaurant it will help you with the reservations and the table service. And if your business is (or thinking of going) online, then our Integrated Internet Retailing and E-commerce solution can do miracles! In addition to the above, it manages payment methods and it comes with fully integrated chip & pin, ensuring that there are no profit losses or fraud hazards for your business. You can even give out gift cards and vouchers or manage customer relationships and read reports on customer loyalty by using our EPoS solutions.

When it comes to in-store management our EPoS solutions cover the whole range of a store’s routine; from stock control, purchasing and sales order processing to staff management, supplier links to wholesalers and financial accounting, RCS EPoS software ensures that there is no room for mistakes or omissions.

There is so much more that an EPoS software solution can do for your business than I can mention in this post. If you want to find out more about our EPoS integrated solutions or discuss with one of our experts about how an EPoS solution can be tailored to your business needs, please visit our website –