EPoS systems have been designed to maximise both security and stock management at your PoS system, access to the PoS systems are on a per user basis either by a micro striped card, password or reader. With its built options for multiple bar-coding, barcode generation and printing and in addition stock group and product searching you can ensure that the right item is always selected.

Our easy to navigate customisable screen means that your operators can serve customers as quickly and as effectively as possible. Our easy to use button management system will allow you to associate either a product or a group of products with a single button. Our easy to use administration programme means that you can control the discounts available to both staff and customers. With a rage of fully integrated payment solutions including a credit card system you’re able to offer the best service you can for your customers.

To find out how EPoS systems can benefit your business please visit the RCS for more information – https://rcs-uk.com