Here at RCS we understand that the support provided with your EPoS systems needs to match your needs and this is why we provide support 7 days a week and our aim is to stay with you every step of the way. We aim for the installation process to be completely stress free for you and we know that it can get complicated so we would recommend purchasing software and hardware from RCS to prevent sitting in-between the middle of 2 suppliers.

We know that there are many companies out there that say they can offer you the ‘best deals’ and we understand that it can be quite an overwhelming decision when it comes down to choosing  a supplier. We know of many businesses that have made purchases based on quick decisions which have much later been regretted. Apart from the financial investment, your EPoS system will be an integral part of your business. And as a buyer you’ll need to invest your time in the process and this is why RCS will always take the time to give our customers proper demonstrations.

We also have some great customer testimonials on the RCS website.  Why not get in touch with our existing customers to find out how they find our systems. They can also provide you with information which you can take into consideration but most importantly they can give you an insight into after sales support

If you’re thinking about adding an EPoS system to your business then please get in touch with RCS today –