There’s something stupid about delivery delays.

We’ve all been there.

Sat at home, waiting.

Hoping the delivery van will arrive early so you don’t have to sit around until 9pm. But, it’s infuriating to find out your order won’t be delivered on time – especially if you’ve taken time off work.

Or maybe it’s not even a product your waiting for. Imagine that you’ve planned a family lunch out at your favourite restaurant. You’ve been excited for this all week but you turn up to discover your booking has been mixed up and there is over an hour wait.

Now imagine how your customer feels when your business doesn’t deliver on time.

A forgotten truth is

“What really irritates customers isn’t necessarily an actual delay, but the uncertainty about the status of their order.” – Phil Lavin, Sales Manager, AEB (International) Ltd on Supply Chain Management

This means that.

Stunned customers see the delay differently

“Customers who feel up-to-date are not just less dissatisfied, they may even perceive proactive communication about delivery updates as an extra service.” – Phil Lavin

“…an extra service!”

By owning up to a delay and keeping your customers informed about their delivery you’ve removed the fear of uncertainty and in fact added value to your customer’s experience – for “free”.

In other words you’ve just stunned your customer with an exceptional service. Even in a time when your “standard service” isn’t doing too well. Sure, it’s better to deliver on your promise in the first place but for the times when you miss the mark, and it will happen, communicating clearly will make you more popular.


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[featured image: Flickr Creative Commons]