In addition to security levels that are important for your, staff, managers, you should also think about stock control. Do you want to integrate your PoS systems with a stock control package?

RCS systems come with come with stock control packages which will allow you to enter on hand stock values for your food items. You can even create recipes on the system so that you can work out what you should have on hand compared to what you actually have on hand, and it wil give you a variant support there and then.

If you don’t have external stock takers and you want to do your own stock check and EPoS system can be extremely useful!

You could check five or ten items a day by printing off your count sheets form the system, you can then head down to the cellar or go to your stores, count your items, then go back to your PoS system enter your closing stock take, the system will tell you straight away what your variance levels are. Some business may do this on a daily basis for their fast moving items, so it’s definitely worth considering.

For more information on how EPoS systems may benefit your business then please visit the RCS website –