We’d like to congratulate Umami Deli, who are one of our customers, on their recent “Deli of the Month” article in the Fine Food Digest Magazine.

Michael Dale and Annette Holliday, owners of Umami Deli, launched the urban deli in September 2011 on a Wednesday Lunchtime.



Michael Lane, from Fine Food Digest, describes Umami Deli as “a concept with roll-out potential, not just a single deli” which is a great testament to the effort and investment Michael Dale and Annette Holliday have put into creating the Umami Deli brand.

They’re keen to maintain the integrity of the brand so it’s doubtful we’ll see Umami Deli franchises popping up, but Annette confirms that “the investment was so that we can roll it out”. So you should expect to see other branches established in the future.

We didn’t want a deli that people say is ‘like an Aladdin’s Cave of jam’ or make people think ‘purveyors of fine foods’ we wanted it to be edgy, slick, urban, modern.

-Michael Dale, owner, Umami Deli

About the magazine

Fine Food Digest is a magazine for the speciality fine food and drink industry and it’s run by The Guild of Fine Food. It includes expertly written news and features articles with a circulation of over 5,500 copies.

Every month there is a “Deli of the Month” interview which entertainingly reveals the trials of running an independent deli or farm shop and examines techniques for improving trade.

Visit Umami Deli

You can learn more about Umami Deli by visiting their website or going for a sandwich at their store:

13 Newbury Street
OX12 8BU

Once again we’d like to congratulate Michael and Annette on the article and wish them all the best with Umami.