A day of rest is coming.

Tomorrow it’s Christmas Eve. That means after today there’s only one day left for people to buy their very, very last minute Christmas presents.

Then you can relax for a day with friends and family.

But, before you enjoy Christmas day there is still time to prepare for extra sales, especially those that will come after.

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Here are some ideas.

Things are now hectic for many shoppers. Especially for the many men who leave their shopping to the last minute in what has become known as the “man dash”.

Last year on the 24th December the Evening Standard reported on this event:

“Retailers expect men to be heavily over-represented on the streets of central London, with one estimate suggesting they could make up three-quarters of shoppers.” West End Set For ‘Man-Dash’ with £30m Spent On Last-Minute Gifts

You might want to prepare your staff with gift ideas and advice for how to help the male dashers to find the gifts on their list.

Stocking Filler Display

This is another great technique to help stressed shoppers while also increasing your sales.

Scour the store for all small items under £10. With your collection of small items create a large “stocking filler” display table located next to your point of sale queue.

This way customers can browse the collection while waiting in line and pick up an extra present or two.

Grow your Christmas profit the Retail Doctor way.

Have you thought about what you’re going to do after the 25th to increase your Christmas profit?

If not. There is still time.

The Retail Doctor provides 2 great articles to help you increase your sales at Christmas

“Ok so the big day is over. Now what? You have one mission after the holidays: to minimize returns to grow sales.

The final week of the month is frosting on the cake. By proactively deciding to grow sales you will have a better mindset and your crew will keep from feeling overwhelmed.” How Retailers Can Make Money The Day After Christmas

The two articles are:

How Retailers Can Make Money After Christmas

8 Tips To Grow Your Holiday Retail Sales The Week After Christmas.

One of the top tips he gives, as it appears in both articles, is to:

Greet Customers At The Counter

You can spot customers who are here to return gifts as they will have one of your bags and make a straight line for your counter.

Here’s what Bob Philips, The Detail Doctor, recommends:

“Greet at counter; even if someone greeted them as they came in and you have signs everywhere saying, 20% off. When customers arrive at your counter with their recipt and a return, greet them with something like, “Good morning. The whole store is 20% off, would you like to look around first?”

Even if customers tell you they only want another size, still mention your sale. Look at this as an opportunity to get a second item; not to have your employee give them 20% off a return. You can tell the customer your sale “makes their gift go farther.” How Retailers Can Make Money After Christmas

Have a very Merry Christmas.

We’d like to take this time to wish both you and your staff a very merry Christmas and by using the advice in this article we hope it’s also very profitable.

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