Choosing the Right EPoS System with Our Retail Consultancy Programme

Times are changing constantly on the retail field and part of a retailer’s success lies on whether he sees the signs early and “catches the tide” or not! From a puzzling dilemma on whether to franchise or not to an apparently simpler one, as whether to update your EPoS systems or rely on your dated ones a little longer, no business decision is as simple as it seems originally and may turn out to be a crucial one for your business. Technology ... Read more

Why EPoS Systems Are Essential to Product Management

For most companies April is one of the busiest months of the year; the majority of financial decisions and yearly plans are being made by the end of this month. For a product manager no two days are ever the same, that’s why every minute counts: from product selection and product management to meetings with suppliers and reporting, a product manager’s work routine is often hectic and complicated. Retail Computer Solutions has been developing and delivering Total EPoS Solutions since 1989; throughout ... Read more

Working In The Retail Environment Is So Much Easier With An EPoS System

When you were younger did you ever take a part time job in grocery store? If so, you'll know that it used to be extremely hard work. You were expected to know the price of everything encase price labels went missing or if the occasional crafty customer would switch the price tags in an attempt to get something for cheaper. Some employers were rather ruthless and if any mistakes were made, it would always come out of the employee's wages. This ... Read more

EPoS System For Restaurants

An EPoS system can be a crucial when it comes down to how smoothly your restaurant operates. Whether you're a small high street restaurant or whether you're part of a major chain, an Electronic Point of Sale should be at the very centre of your daily operations. If you own a restaurant with a formal seating plan and EPoS system that incorporates a table plan can be a great help as this will allow you to keep on top of bookings, days, ... Read more

Give Your Tourism Attraction A Boost With An EPoS System

Do you want to know how to keep your customers returning to your attraction site? If so, there are multiple benefits that an EPoS system can provide both you and your customers with. Whether your attraction site is a museum, heritage centre or animal park - schools, families and tourists will always be interested in visiting! The only problem is you can be then faced with long queues for tickets and busy crowds at your refreshment stands and gift shop areas. This ... Read more

EPoS Buyers Guide – Part Two

Here at RCS we understand that the support provided with your EPoS systems needs to match your needs and this is why we provide support 7 days a week and our aim is to stay with you every step of the way. We aim for the installation process to be completely stress free for you and we know that it can get complicated so we would recommend purchasing software and hardware from RCS to prevent sitting in-between the middle of 2 ... Read more

EPoS Buyers Guide – Part One

EPoS systems can be an amazing investment for your business. As a buyer the price is extremely important, but don't just buy a system because it's cheap. It's essential that you choose a system that has the ability to meet your needs. You only have to do a quick Google search for 'EPoS horror stories' to read about companies that have opted for the cheapest EPoS system then found themselves going out of business. It's important that your EPoS partner will ... Read more

EPOS System Installation

An electronic point of sale system allows a business to deal with customers in a quick and efficient way, and at the same time helps to reduce the chance of any human error. An EPoS system is a system that calculates total sales, change needed, receipts and keeps an up to date record of sales. It also allows your business to take credit card payments making it suited to any sales environment. Here at RCS we don’t just install your EPoS system ... Read more

RCS Project Management

Here at RCS we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and this is why we assign a Project Manager to each of our clients, the assigned project managed will stick with you for the duration of your project. Our commitment starts from the very beginning and we make it out business to understand every aspect of your business. We always ensure that we have a full understanding of your retail software requirement. It's the Project Managers responsibility to "liaise with the customer ... Read more

RCS – Retail Epos Systems and Solutions

Retail Computer Solutions are experts in providing EPoS Systems and solutions for all of your EPoS and warehousing requirements.  Take a look at RCS's video Case study for The Co-operative Society Limited to find out how EPoS Systems and solutions have helped to improve their business. Alternatively, visit our website to read more testimonials - https://www.rcs-uk.com/case-studies/case-studies.html   Read more
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