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How to operate and manage your store. From HR to store layout and supply chain management.

How to increase your Christmas Profit

A day of rest is coming. Tomorrow it's Christmas Eve. That means after today there's only one day left for people to buy their very, very last minute Christmas presents. Then you can relax for a day with friends and family. But, before you enjoy Christmas day there is still time to prepare for extra sales, especially those that will come after. Here are some ideas. Things are now hectic for many shoppers. Especially for the many men who leave their shopping to the last minute ... Read more

Security Requirements in EPoS Systems

Ask yourself a simple question... What security requirements do you need in your point of sale system? Do you want staff to have access to all areas of the system? Or, do you want to restrict specific areas to managers only? Most of our customers like to divide access into different security levels. For example, it’s likely that a general manager will have access to all areas of the system. Supervisors will need access to void errors and mistakes, and they will need to be ... Read more

Replenishment Economy: Here’s what the experts think.

"most of the items we purchase and consume on a day-to-day basis require no shopper consideration or inspection whatsoever. In fact, it’s conservative to say that at least 50 percent of the items in the center aisles of a grocery store are products purchased almost entirely on a replenishment basis; items like sugar, flour, frozen vegetables, detergent, tissue paper etc." - Doug Stephens, Welcome To The Replenishment Economy (more…) Read more

How The Right EPoS System Will Boost Your Restaurant’s Success

Last Saturday I realised how times have changed for restaurant workers. From the days when restaurants were ran by waiters yelling at the chef “two steaks, two chips” to today’s fast and organised service. Two words have made all the difference: EPoS System. On Friday I called to make a dinner reservation at one of my town’s most popular places to eat. Of course there was no table for four available at 20:00 but we could get, if we wanted, an "early dinner ... Read more

Leave None Behind: How to know your staff are safe in an emergency

On May 15th 2014 at 3pm staff were evacuated when a fire started at a factory in Australia producing smoke grenades and flares for the defence industry. 5 Fire Trucks were called to tackle the fire. A CFA (Country Fire Authority) Operations Officer reported “It was pretty innocuous really, but we took the precautions that were necessary given the nature of the business, and the company was very well drilled in terms of its procedures, which helped.” If this was your business would the CFA ... Read more

Consumers believe you’re to blame for queues in your shop. Here’s why.

I was queuing for a coffee at a busy retail exhibition when a cheery Starbucks employee came out from behind the counter with a handful of cup sleeves and a sharpie. He proceeded down the line asking for “your name and order”. Once the cup sleeves had been written on they were returned to the busy counter staff and processed one by one. This did two things. Firstly, even with the annoyance of waiting in queue and wanting to leave I felt obliged to ... Read more

How an EPoS System Can Make Stock Management Easy

One of the main tasks in a retail store manager’s daily routine is stock management. Ordering and stocking the right products, in the right quantity and place, has an impact on your business’s success; stock less or more than what you actually need and you may end up losing thousands of pounds. Customers are always looking for retailers that offer great products and services at the right prices. That means that if their favourite products are frequently “out of stock” in your store ... Read more

Ikea is positioned to dominate consumer electronics

You may think that moving into consumer electronics would be a huge change in direction for the giant furnishing retailer but really it’s a logical next step. By now we’re all used to the retail experience of many consumer electronic stores. From Apple’s sleek tables of iPads, iPhones and iMacs to the aisles of Currys’ TVs, Laptops, Cameras and white goods. These stores display individual products in category groups but AT&T say they’ve got it all wrong. Is this the 'new' mantra for ... Read more

The self-sufficient 1 acre homestead: USA vs Costa Rica

I first fell in love with the idea of running my own homestead when reading an article on Mother Earth News. This article detailed how to run a self-sufficient 1 acre homestead on just one acre of land. Unfortunately when I later returned to Mother Earth News the site redirected to a 403 – forbidden. (Ed: It seems the article is back online.) Thankfully the article has been reposted on Food Freedom here. With the farm shop revolution on the rise more people ... Read more

The essential elements of the ugly Christmas jumper

If you're selling traditional Ugly Christmas Jumpers this year then it's worth noting the essential elements that your jumpers should include. You can also see some rather interesting fast facts about these traditional jumpers. For example 2001 Ugly Christmas Jumper parties began to trend in 2012. Also the average 'picker' makes a 200-500% mark up on Christmas Jumpers they buy from charity stores and resell online. Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.   Read more
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