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The Advantages of Supermarket Electronic Point of Sales

An Electronic Point of Sale (also known as an EPoS system) is commonly used in supermarkets to enter sales information, manage stock inventory and to handle customer loyalty programs. To summarise the electronic point of sale is a computerized cash register that can perform many functions other than just handling transaction at a checkout. The point of sale, which is also known as a 'checkout’ or lane, is where customer transaction take place. The goal here is to process customer transactions as fast ... Read more

Using Epos Systems In Independent Retail Outlets

EPoS systems are not only for large chain stores and retail groups such as supermarkets – independent retailers will benefit immensely from this technology too. There are many systems on the market and the key is to choose one that will be right for your indie store. We understand just because a retailer doesn’t have a chain of stores across the country doesn’t mean that they don’t want a powerful and flexible solution to drive their sales process. EPoS systems are exactly that, ... Read more

Keyboard Layout Editor: Design your own POS

Welcome to the Keyboard Layout Editor. This is part 2 in our article series about the RCS POS Keyboard. Part 1 is an article about the Keyboard Layout Manager which you might want to read first though it isn’t key to understanding this article. So first things first, what does it do? The role of the keyboard layout editor is to make it easy for a store owner or user to create a point of sale keyboard. The editor uses a “what you see ... Read more

Keyboard Layout Manager: Control your Point of Sale

One of the great features of the RCS Point of Sale System is that you can virtually maintain an unlimited number of POS keyboards on the system. And, each keyboard can have a similar number of layouts or individual screens. This will become clearer throughout the article. Firstly, let’s meet the Keyboard Layout Manager. Here’s a screenshot: Before we discuss the Keyboard Layout Manager let’s first go over the hierarchy and relationship between the different elements that make up a keyboard in this system. The ... Read more

All the Amazon Fire Phone News

[UPDATE: It seems the Amazon smartphone hasn't been anything for retailers to worry about as it's flopped.] Amazon has announced its first smartphone and it’s got some retailers worried. And that’s all because of its main attraction the Firefly app. Firefly is “an object-recognition technology that lets you snap a picture of virtually anything (or listen in on a song or television show) and buy it from Amazon immediately. The company says it can recognize 100 million different objects. Its goal is no less audacious ... Read more

5 simple steps to buy an EPoS System

The M1 is a second home to me. I don’t have the “feeling of freedom” that some drivers get when shifting down a gear to power onto the motorway. For me it’s a sense of familiarity, a returning home. You see I spend most of my week traveling up and down the country visiting business owners. Many of these journeys begin with a friendly phone call perhaps a week, a month or even a year earlier. Then we arrange a suitable time to visit ... Read more

Introducing The Farm Shop’s Guide to Retail Systems

The Farm Shop's Guide to Retail Systems is a collection of articles that have been published to the Retail Computer Solutions website and are taken from over 25 years of experience serving retailers; Specifically farm shops, delicatessens and butchers. The aim of this guide is to provide a useful and practical guide for farm shop owners who’d like to learn more about retail systems and how it will benefit their business. And, by taking putting these articles in one place it makes ... Read more

How an EPoS System Can Help You Increase Your Profits

During the last five years the financial crisis has deeply affected the retail industry; many retailers have lost a considerable part of their profits and others face financial issues. Entrepreneurs squeeze their minds to come up with ideas that will help them offer the best possible services to their customers, expand their client base and boost sales. If you are a retailer trying to find ways to increase your profits, then you’ll find the solution you’ve been looking for in an ... Read more

Why you can rely on RCS for quality EPoS solutions

If you’re in the retail industry and want to lead the market you have to be ahead of the competition. At all times. Now, that might sound stressing –or impossible, some might say- but if you take a look at all the retail success stories that are out there, they all have one thing in common: an innovative idea. This is why here at RCS we put our efforts in developing innovative, total EPoS solutions; so that you never have to worry ... Read more

What does EPoS stand for?

What does EPoS stand for? EPoS stands for Electronic Point of Sale What does that mean? The point of sale is the place in a shop where a customer purchases their chosen items from the business. So in a supermarket it’s the checkout tills, in your local newsagents it’s the counter or at a market it’s the person stood behind the stall with a cash tin. More specifically, point of sale (pos) is the term used for the system that handles the payment. At its ... Read more
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