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The Advantages of Supermarket Electronic Point of Sales

An Electronic Point of Sale (also known as an EPoS system) is commonly used in supermarkets to enter sales information, …

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Using Epos Systems In Independent Retail Outlets

Epos systems are just for large chain stores such as supermarkets – independent retailers will benefit immensely from this technology too.

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Keyboard Layout Editor: Design your own POS

Welcome to the Keyboard Layout Editor. This is part 2 in our article series about the RCS POS Keyboard. Part …

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Keyboard Layout Manager: Control your Point of Sale

One of the great features of the RCS Point of Sale System is that you can virtually maintain an unlimited …

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All the Amazon Fire Phone News

[UPDATE: It seems the Amazon smartphone hasn’t been anything for retailers to worry about as it’s flopped.] Amazon has announced …

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5 simple steps to buy an EPoS System

The M1 is a second home to me. I don’t have the “feeling of freedom” that some drivers get when …

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Introducing The Farm Shop’s Guide to Retail Systems

The Farm Shop’s Guide to Retail Systems is a collection of articles that have been published to the Retail Computer …

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How an EPoS System Can Help You Increase Your Profits

During the last five years the financial crisis has deeply affected the retail industry; many retailers have lost a considerable …

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Why you can rely on RCS for quality EPoS solutions

If you’re in the retail industry and want to lead the market you have to be ahead of the competition. …

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What does EPoS stand for?

What does EPoS stand for? EPoS stands for Electronic Point of Sale What does that mean? The point of sale …

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