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The retail industry is a busy and vibrant sector, especially with the rise of the omnichannel service and the pace of retail technology development.

This section of the RCS website is dedicated to the latest happenings and trends in the retail industry which also includes future tech and futurism.

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A very COVID Christmas

Much like the rest of 2020, this Christmas will be like none in recent memory. With the country now in recession and the coronavirus pandemic still restricting many aspects of peoples’ lives, do you feel ready to take on the ‘Golden quarter.’Preparation is key and with your eye on the goal here are a few tips we’ve picked up on: Make your business and website attractive to customers. Who doesn’t like to see a Christmas display or an inviting festive page to ... Read more

EU Food and Nutrition Labelling 2016 – Are You Ready?

Is Your Labelling and Production System Ready For The Changes? Overview of Key Terms Allergy and intolerance Food law, monitoring and controls Labelling, composition and date marking of food Nutritional information Country of Origin What You Need To Know About Nutritional Labelling in 2016 The biggest changes in 2016 (following on from the 2014 changes) is that nutrition labelling will be required for most pre-packed foods from 13th December 2016. If your EPoS or Production Software doesn't have the ability to produce this nutritional information ... Read more

EPoS In Leeds

If you're looking for EPoS in Leeds then look no further. Retail Computer Solutions have spent over 27 years supplying EPoS and Retail Business Solutions to retailers throughout Yorkshire and the UK. We're based in Wakefield, just a short drive from Leeds city centre. Not only that but we have a number of customers in the centre and the surrounding area - including customers in the new Trinity Shopping Centre. No matter what you're looking for there is a module for you: Here's why customers ... Read more

Amazon Physical Store: All the best news collected here.

Amazon's Physical Book Shop is here. While it's not the first physical store they have built it's certainly causing a buzz in the media with a taste of irony. The launch of Amazon Books, as the store is called, comes alongside news that Google has reportedly abandoned plans to open its first U.S. retail store. However, the ironic part is that Amazon is the company charged with the destruction of the physical bookstore industry, but now they're building their own. Let's take a look ... Read more

Aldi Online Shopping: Coming Soon?

Are rumours about the Aldi Online Shopping website a clever marketing stunt or is there a real business plan behind it? Many of the worlds top retail websites have published their thoughts on what it could mean for the retail industry especially the established eCommerce grocers. We've collected the best articles below: (more…) Read more

Christmas adverts: When do they start? (with videos)

2014's Christmas adverts start this weekend! Here are the list of retailer's and their advert start date that we know about. (more…) Read more

All the Amazon Fire Phone News

[UPDATE: It seems the Amazon smartphone hasn't been anything for retailers to worry about as it's flopped.] Amazon has announced its first smartphone and it’s got some retailers worried. And that’s all because of its main attraction the Firefly app. Firefly is “an object-recognition technology that lets you snap a picture of virtually anything (or listen in on a song or television show) and buy it from Amazon immediately. The company says it can recognize 100 million different objects. Its goal is no less audacious ... Read more

Bored of pushing your trolley? The wi-GO shopping trolley will follow you. Everywhere!

Like many people Luis de Matos, from the University of Beira Interior in Portugal, buys his food from a supermarket. However, there is one major issue he faces every time: “How do you pull, or push, a shopping cart around while in a wheelchair?” Sure, many supermarkets and shopping centres provide mobility scooters for disabled shoppers, but the difficulty with these is that a wheelchair user has to climb out of their wheelchair and onto the mobility scooter in order to use it. ... Read more

Congratulations to Umami Deli of the Month

We’d like to congratulate Umami Deli, who are one of our customers, on their recent “Deli of the Month” article in the Fine Food Digest Magazine. Michael Dale and Annette Holliday, owners of Umami Deli, launched the urban deli in September 2011 on a Wednesday Lunchtime. (more…) Read more

Tesco go further in their quest for a virtual store

Last month I reported on the virtual subway store from Tesco. This month they’ve add more to their arsenal of innovation in the supermarket war. Rather than taking snapshots of food while waiting for the subway you’ll soon be able to ‘walk’ around a virtual supermarket thanks to Facebook’s Oculus Rift. Figure Digital have released a concept video showing what this might look like. However, Tesco are not only relying on these breakthroughs to bring its store of the future into reality. In ... Read more
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