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The science of owning a retail business. Articles include business plans, price positioning, sales, customer loyalty and similar.

3 Retail Experts Worth Reading

3 Retail Experts Worth Reading In any industry there are thought leaders, futurists and experts but working out who is worth listening to can be difficult. Here are 3 experts who have spent years developing their knowledge of retail. This is the RCS list of Retail Experts worth taking the time to read. The Retail Champion - Clare Rayner "Clare Rayner, The Retail Champion, is a business owner, retail expert, consumer champion, high street campaigner and micro business backer. She is also a published author, ... Read more

When do most people start shopping for Christmas?

This infographic from Yesmail Interactive shows which months people start shopping for Christmas along with how much they're planning to spend and on whom. (more…) Read more

The great list of Christmas advice for retailers. Over 20 articles!

Get ready for Christmas This article is here to provide you with great Christmas advice for retail. We've collected over 20 great articles from across a number of different websites. So take a look below, click on a link and have a read. (more…) Read more

Delivery delays can make you more popular with your customers. But, you need to know how.

There’s something stupid about delivery delays. We’ve all been there. Sat at home, waiting. Hoping the delivery van will arrive early so you don’t have to sit around until 9pm. But, it’s infuriating to find out your order won’t be delivered on time - especially if you've taken time off work. Or maybe it’s not even a product your waiting for. Imagine that you’ve planned a family lunch out at your favourite restaurant. You’ve been excited for this all week but you turn up to discover ... Read more

The ultimate guide to setting price and position for greater profit by The Retail Champion

Understanding where your retail business is positioned in the marketplace and what prices you should charge can be quite a daunting task. Clare Rayner, The Retail Champion, has written 3 really great articles that form an ultimate guide to positioning your business and how to set your prices. Positioning image by Brian Talbot In her article “Price, Promotions and Positioning…” Clare talks about 4 key areas that determine your business’ position. The core principal is that each area can be either an “up ... Read more

This is one way to keep customers returning to your shop

Offering a customer loyalty scheme is the perfect way to get customers returning through your door on a regular basis and the great thing about loyalty schemes is that they can be applied to any business sector. So it doesn't matter if you run a 1 till convenience store or a chain of Garden Centres with multiple tills - a loyalty scheme will work in your business. (more…) Read more

On Display: The future of retail according to shoppers

Despite globally embracing online retail, shoppers still believe there will be room for their favourite brick-and-mortar shops in the future. In fact, a new survey reveals shoppers are ready for a more integrated omnichannel experience where they can interact with their favourite brands and businesses offline, online and on the go. They want to have the same brand experience where ever they interact with you and they want it to be personalised. Here's an infographic about the future of retail according to ... Read more

The self-sufficient 1 acre homestead: USA vs Costa Rica

I first fell in love with the idea of running my own homestead when reading an article on Mother Earth News. This article detailed how to run a self-sufficient 1 acre homestead on just one acre of land. Unfortunately when I later returned to Mother Earth News the site redirected to a 403 – forbidden. (Ed: It seems the article is back online.) Thankfully the article has been reposted on Food Freedom here. With the farm shop revolution on the rise more people ... Read more

How an EPoS System Can Help You Increase Your Profits

During the last five years the financial crisis has deeply affected the retail industry; many retailers have lost a considerable part of their profits and others face financial issues. Entrepreneurs squeeze their minds to come up with ideas that will help them offer the best possible services to their customers, expand their client base and boost sales. If you are a retailer trying to find ways to increase your profits, then you’ll find the solution you’ve been looking for in an ... Read more

This study uncovers how retailers can beat Amazon

Amazon is winning the war in-store but through their showrooming study Parago have uncovered how retailers can beat Amazon; by matching e-tailer prices with rebates. “Sophisticated e-tailers are using dynamic pricing models, which are real-time price adjustments based on market demands, consumer behaviors, competitive insights and other data centric factors, coupled with the explosion of smartphones to steal customers while they are shopping in store.” (Dynaic Pricing Report, Parago, 2013) In other words, many shoppers visit a bricks-and-mortar store, view a product ... Read more
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