How to market your retail business. Including digital, social and offline techniques.

12 Great Loyalty Card Template Designs

12 Great Loyalty Card Template Designs Great design matters to your business, because design is part of how customers experience your brand; and according to Adriana Marin, a graphic designer at Shutterstock, "People have [feelings] about your company based on the experiences that they have had with a brand," (Design for Small Businesses) With that in mind we've built a collection of great loyalty card templates to use in your shop, restaurant or cafe. Because the main goal of a successful loyalty scheme is ... Read more

Loyalty Ladder: How To Turn Prospects Into Advocates

The end goal of any customer loyalty program is to find a customer who loves your brand enough they repeatedly buy from you and share your business with others via word of mouth. However, this might seem like a dark maze to you. One that isn't clear where to go. That's why the loyalty ladder helps you climb above the maze to see where you need to take your customer. (more…) Read more

Christmas adverts: When do they start? (with videos)

2014's Christmas adverts start this weekend! Here are the list of retailer's and their advert start date that we know about. (more…) Read more

The great list of Christmas advice for retailers. Over 20 articles!

Get ready for Christmas This article is here to provide you with great Christmas advice for retail. We've collected over 20 great articles from across a number of different websites. So take a look below, click on a link and have a read. (more…) Read more

Dare to be different? Amazing shopping bag designs your customers will love.

It doesn’t take market research or online surveys to know that reusable shopping bags are becoming more popular as people want to do their bit for the environment. However, most supermarkets and shops play it safe when designing their bags so here are creative, and sometimes outrageous, designs for shopping bags that we’ve collected for inspiration. Do you dare to be different? Keep the bag clean Just before we get onto the inspiration for new bag designs it’s worth noting that the University of Arizona ... Read more

The funniest Yelp response I’ve ever seen. It made me giggle.

The sign writer at Joe Dough Sandwhich Shop has a great sense of humour. I’ve already written how to hide bad reviews online but on the flipside you can have a lot of fun by pointing them out and making light of the reviews. That’s exactly what Joe Dough Sandwhich Shop, a deli from New York, did when their meatball sandwich was slated by a citizen reviewer on Yelp. It's perhaps the funniest Yelp response I've ever seen. Here’s a picture of the ... Read more

How to hide bad reviews online

Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google+ Local, Urbanspoon, Twitter, Facebook… There are hundreds of review sites where grumpy customers can leave bad reviews about your business, justified or not . As a business owner your livelihood rests upon getting paying customers through the door of your business and reputation plays a large part in that. Unfortunately, once a bad review has been posted to one of these sites there is very little you can do to have it removed. The only sure way to hide ... Read more

Mobile Marketing in the Retail Industry

In 2013 the use of mobile devices by shoppers to purchase items and compare prices filled many headlines however analysts predict that this trend will only grow in 2014. As such integrating a mobile marketing strategy into your business is important. Smart retailers will: Analyse existing mobile data capture new mobile data understand customer mobile behaviours predict customer interaction encourage loyalty and brand engagement by Dynmark. Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.   Read more

Boost Your Sales With An EPoS Solution

If all modern business wish to succeed it's important they then keep up with the high expectations of their clients when it comes down to expenditure and choice at the check-out. Long gone are the days when it was enough for employees to provide excellent customer service whilst processing their items. Times are changing and now people are looking for speed and efficiency when it comes down to shopping. Inventories have become much more complicated as many businesses are growing from ... Read more

Using EPoS Technology to Promote Your Business

EPoS systems are design to maintain and record every single business transaction that is entered into it. If your business is using an old fashioned cash register you may find that it takes a lot of time and money to maintain it which means a person is usually hired to carry out this job. With traditional cash registers it also may be hard to maintain the inventory as it can become quite difficult to retrieve and sort old records. EPoS systems have ... Read more
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