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12 Great Loyalty Card Template Designs

12 Great Loyalty Card Template Designs Great design matters to your business, because design is part of how customers experience …

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Loyalty Ladder: How To Turn Prospects Into Advocates

The end goal of any customer loyalty program is to find a customer who loves your brand enough they repeatedly …

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Christmas adverts: When do they start? (with videos)

2014’s Christmas adverts start this weekend! Here are the list of retailer’s and their advert start date that we know …

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Great List of Christmas Advice

The great list of Christmas advice for retailers. Over 20 articles!

Get ready for Christmas This article is here to provide you with great Christmas advice for retail. We’ve collected over …

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Dare to be different? Amazing shopping bag designs your customers will love.

It doesn’t take market research or online surveys to know that reusable shopping bags are becoming more popular as people …

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The funniest Yelp response I’ve ever seen. It made me giggle.

The sign writer at Joe Dough Sandwhich Shop has a great sense of humour. I’ve already written how to hide …

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How to hide bad reviews online

Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google+ Local, Urbanspoon, Twitter, Facebook… There are hundreds of review sites where grumpy customers can leave bad …

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Mobile Marketing in the Retail Industry

In 2013 the use of mobile devices by shoppers to purchase items and compare prices filled many headlines however analysts …

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Boost Your Sales With An EPoS Solution

If all modern business wish to succeed it’s important they then keep up with the high expectations of their clients …

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Using EPoS Technology to Promote Your Business

EPoS systems are design to maintain and record every single business transaction that is entered into it. If your business …

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