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Miura: Introducing the latest mPoS solution from Retail Computer Solutions

Add the freedom of a mobile point of sale to your business. Let me introduce you to the latest retail innovation from Retail Computer Solutions. All the benefits of the RCS point of sale software running on a windows tablet (Cilo in this example) combined with the Miura contactless portable payment system.   The Cilo POS tablet is a rugged and durable tablet designed to provide high performance in the retail, hospitality and warehouse environment. Combined with the successful RCS point of sale software ... Read more


The AURES Sango is an award winning all-in-one touch screen terminal. designed to free up space beneath your terminal’s touchscreen! Space Under The Screen The Sango's flat LED touch screen monitor is suspended from its offset cast aluminium arm. This opens space under the screen, that could be used by a dedicated cash drawn, as there is no intrusive base, stand or foot to take over. Plus, the central unit and motherboard are held to the side in a separate polycarbonate housing. “One product ... Read more

All About The Avery Berkel FX120

The Avery Berkel FX120 is the workhorse of many checkout counters in supermarkets throughout the UK. Not only that but it's also chosen by Farm Shops, Delicatessens and Butchers as a weighing scale that integrates with their point of sale. (more…) Read more

AURES Yuno: An introduction

The AURES Yuno is the lastest touch screen Point Of Sale terminal from the makers of the popular Sango. As with all AURES terminals it's a stylish and robust product that will look great in your store. It's also fully integrated which means the computer is built neatly into the back of the screen so there is no need for a tower system that'll take up space at the counter. Here's a video detailing the top features of the AURES Yuno. The Yuno becomes ... Read more

Wet, muddy fingers are no issue when you buy this EPoS Terminal

Do you work in an environment where your hands get muddy, wet or dirty but you also have to serve customers and operate an EPoS system? You might be a butcher, fish monger, work in a garden centre or a similar profession. This week I’ve been wandering the UK Business Forums helping answer questions from business owners about EPoS and their shops. It was in one of these topics that a forum member, who owns a garden centre, made the following comment: Probably ... Read more

Bored of pushing your trolley? The wi-GO shopping trolley will follow you. Everywhere!

Like many people Luis de Matos, from the University of Beira Interior in Portugal, buys his food from a supermarket. However, there is one major issue he faces every time: “How do you pull, or push, a shopping cart around while in a wheelchair?” Sure, many supermarkets and shopping centres provide mobility scooters for disabled shoppers, but the difficulty with these is that a wheelchair user has to climb out of their wheelchair and onto the mobility scooter in order to use it. ... Read more

Digipos A300: The All-In-One Fanless POS System

Retail Computer Solutions and Digipos present the A300 - the all-in-one fanless PoS System. It has a slim bezel-free design and provides high reliability to any service counter. (more…) Read more

Amazon wants to offer Kindle Checkout to your physical retail store

Following hot on the rumours of an Apple mobile point of sale system, Amazon plans to offer brick-and-motor retailers a checkout system that uses Kindle Tablets. The Wall Street Journal reports that such a project would not only grant Amazon a presence in the physical world but also access to even more consumer spending habits. This would further solidify their position as the largest U.S. eCommerce merchant. However, it might not be as smooth an operation as Amazon would hope for. Square, ... Read more

Business in a Box: Is Square’s turnkey point of sale experience really $299?

You can have a fully functioning EPoS system for just $299, or at least that’s what the article on Techcrunch would have you believe. However, if you dig a little deeper into the Square offering then the basic package is far more than $299. To efficiently run your point of sale the basic hardware you’ll need is: Touch screen monitor Cash drawer Receipt printer Barcode scanner Chip & Pin terminal To buy these from Square will actually cost you over $796, and you’ll still need to buy your ... Read more

The RCS EPoS Solution

Protect your good name and brand by letting RCS run your credit card transactions for you. One of our friendly consultants will be pleased to take you through how ‘Chip and Pin’ can be integrated into your system. Simple tax records On the official side, keeping proper tax records and preparing for audit becomes a doddle with our packages. Separate out VAT and delivery charges, monitor employee performances, and quickly and easily back up all your dealings to a USB drive so that ... Read more
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