About VPZ

VPZ started its journey 2012 when the owners, who had a desire to stop smoking, tried various ways to switch from cigarettes and found that vaping was the only thing that helped them kick the habit! Stopping smoking, especially on your own, is no easy feat and this is where the story of VPZ begins.

They are a family run business with head offices in Edinburgh who have grown from 1 store in Leith, to hundreds of stores nationwide and they’re not stopping there! They have recently been named the Virgin Fast Track 100’s Fastest Growing Business in Scotland and 24th fastest in the UK and they aim to expand even further in the next 2 years until there is a VPZ on every high street.

VPZ operate a 60,000 sq. foot distribution centre based in Edinburgh. The RCS warehousing system has allowed the company to double the number of stores to over 156 within two years. Each day the warehouse orders are generated based on a picking schedule, using tailored ordering algorithms.

The Solution

Since the RCS system was introduced the following benefits have been realised:

  • Reduction in the number of shift hours
  • Significantly reduced manpower
  • Efficient use of the warehouse layout
  • Extremely accurate stock position
  • Virtually eliminated cross picks
  • Faster picking with inbuilt quality control checks
  • Quickly open new stores
  • Improved traceability
  • Control of franchise costs and invoices
  • Improved management reporting
  • Reduction on overheads during replenishment of pick face
  • Accurate automated store ordering, each store receiving expected order details by email.

There have been substantial cost benefits since the RCS system has been introduced, which relies on a wide use of hand held mobile devices, designed to operate in a busy warehouse environment. Bulk stock management allows the pick face to be replenished based on predicted demand, allowing the pickers to have uninterrupted picking during the shifts. Franchise invoices are automatically posed into the accounts system.