About Greenhalgh’s

Whilst so many of their product offering may have changed over time, their commitment to innovation and customer service is as strong as it has ever been. The Company currently employs approximately 950 staff and is one of the largest employers in the Bolton area. They have a thriving chain of 61 retail shops, along with a wholesale and fleet sector, supplying high quality bakery products to convenience stores, high street retail stores, farm shops and sole proprietorships, through to nationwide providers including major supermarket chains. They also supply to a network of hotels, airlines, garden centres, theme parks and motorway service stations together with an established export market. The Company operates from two relatively close manufacturing sites in Lostock, Bolton.

The Solution

The RCS point of sale system in installed in over sixty stores and has been managing for the retail side of the company for a number of years providing Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery management teams with business reports to control and plan effectively for rapidly changing requirements.

Replacing the tills has resulted in increased functionality within the stores and also at the head office. This was achieved with a minimum of staff re-training as the point of sale layouts were designed by RCS to operate in a similar manner as possible to their previous system, using the RCS comprehensive point of sale keyboard editor, all managed from the head office. Greenhalghs also upgraded their existing tills to use the RCS point of sale software tills without the need to change their existing hardware.

Each store has a number of tills whereby the RCS point of sale is designed so that a customer’s transaction ‘floats’ between tills as they move through the shop. The integrated chip and pin devices can be shared by any the tills, allowing for a customer to complete at any stage and also increases the available space in the stores.

The RCS point of sale system has been designed for fast entry of sales and customer orders, allowing for complex and comprehensive promotions including tiered promotions, for example, when customers require bespoke cakes to their requirements. The till allows deposits and payments agains customer accounts. Product attributes can be allocated to promotions which allow lists of promotional products to be managed throughout the system.

The RCS retailing system links to the Greenhalghs bespoke production systems, allowing for a seamless transfer of data between the systems. This allows for production orders to be placed by the stores based on delivery schedules. Returns to the factory and wastage are also managed from within the store point of sale system.