Allington Farm Shop


About Allington

Allington Farm Shop was established in 1981 and is run by the Reynolds family.

Since opening it has won many awards such as Deli of the Year, Taste of the West amongst many others. Allington Farm Shop was also listed as one of The Daily Telegraph’s top 50 Farm Shops in 2009.

Their success has been down to a focus on quality, home and locally produced food. This is supported by the Reynold’s 500 acres of farm which is run in parallel to the farm shop. The farm shop also supplies the Allington Café with many of its ingredients.

Building long term partnerships

Retail Computer Solutions have held a long working partnership with Allington Farm Shop. This was further established in 2013 when RCS was asked to upgrade their current retail system to the latest version.

Part of the upgrade included replacing 5 Maxitech tills with the newer and more powerful, not to mention award winning, Aures Sango.

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