The beginning of a New Year is always a good time to make plans for growing your business and reflect on the challenges ahead. With high rates of inflation and potential ongoing disruption to supply lines now is the time to consider your options to drive growth in your business.

Here at Retail Computer Solutions, we have years of experience in providing solutions to help retailers succeed and in this blog we wanted to set out some of the ways our dedicated team of experts can help your business to increase sales. We believe focusing on these three areas will help you to promote your business, increase customers and generate sales.

Get to know your customers

Customers want to know that you care about their needs and expectations.

Our EPOS solutions can be tailored to help you to better understand your unique customers to drive sales. Our Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management features give you a single view of your customers and can help you identify buying trends, deliver marketing campaigns and target promotions.

We can support you to build your brand, create a customer loyalty scheme, and identify the products and services that are most important to your customers and can give you the highest profit margins.

Reward your customers with promotions and competitive prices

Everyone loves to get a good deal, especially in a cost-of-living crisis.

Our Streetwise Product Pricing & Promotions system supports a range of promotions that work for your business and customers. You can create new and exciting ways to attract customers easily with our promotion wizard. You can vary these promotions flexibly by different stores, product groups or customer segments to retain customers and increase sales.

We know that constant monitoring and ability to quickly change prices in response to market opportunities or supplier price changes is critical, and our solutions enable rapid changes to supplier pricing or desired profit margins. Price changes can be created in advance, reports created for important quality assurance before release, and triggered to land at specific times.

Help customers to shop whenever, wherever

Customers increasingly want flexibility on how they buy products and services.

We can help you develop an EPOS solution that helps you reach more customers than ever before. We can support you to build a business that can seamlessly and efficiently engage with customers online and in-store, offer click and collect services, and integrate with eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping. Our solutions can support physical payment terminals, online payments and mobile payments and we partner with multiple high profile payment providers. We can give your customers maximise choice on how they can spend money with you to help grow your customers.

This short blog provides just a small flavour of the team’s experience and there’s lots more we can share with you to help increase your sales. Our website explains much more about the solutions we can offer and stories about the businesses we support. We would be delighted to help you to develop your business and our team of experts can be contacted by

From all of us at Retail Computer solutions, we wish you all the success for your business in 2023.