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Dare to be different? Amazing shopping bag designs your customers will love.

It doesn’t take market research or online surveys to know that reusable shopping bags are becoming more popular as people want to do their bit for the environment. However, most supermarkets and shops play it safe when designing their bags so here are creative, and sometimes outrageous, designs for shopping bags that we’ve collected for inspiration. Do you dare to be different? Keep the bag clean Just before we get onto the inspiration for new bag designs it’s worth noting that the University of Arizona ... Read more

All the Amazon Fire Phone News

[UPDATE: It seems the Amazon smartphone hasn't been anything for retailers to worry about as it's flopped.] Amazon has announced its first smartphone and it’s got some retailers worried. And that’s all because of its main attraction the Firefly app. Firefly is “an object-recognition technology that lets you snap a picture of virtually anything (or listen in on a song or television show) and buy it from Amazon immediately. The company says it can recognize 100 million different objects. Its goal is no less audacious ... Read more

Consumers believe you’re to blame for queues in your shop. Here’s why.

I was queuing for a coffee at a busy retail exhibition when a cheery Starbucks employee came out from behind the counter with a handful of cup sleeves and a sharpie. He proceeded down the line asking for “your name and order”. Once the cup sleeves had been written on they were returned to the busy counter staff and processed one by one. This did two things. Firstly, even with the annoyance of waiting in queue and wanting to leave I felt obliged to ... Read more

Bored of pushing your trolley? The wi-GO shopping trolley will follow you. Everywhere!

Like many people Luis de Matos, from the University of Beira Interior in Portugal, buys his food from a supermarket. However, there is one major issue he faces every time: “How do you pull, or push, a shopping cart around while in a wheelchair?” Sure, many supermarkets and shopping centres provide mobility scooters for disabled shoppers, but the difficulty with these is that a wheelchair user has to climb out of their wheelchair and onto the mobility scooter in order to use it. ... Read more

Congratulations to Umami Deli of the Month

We’d like to congratulate Umami Deli, who are one of our customers, on their recent “Deli of the Month” article in the Fine Food Digest Magazine. Michael Dale and Annette Holliday, owners of Umami Deli, launched the urban deli in September 2011 on a Wednesday Lunchtime. (more…) Read more

Digipos A300: The All-In-One Fanless POS System

Retail Computer Solutions and Digipos present the A300 - the all-in-one fanless PoS System. It has a slim bezel-free design and provides high reliability to any service counter. (more…) Read more

Tesco go further in their quest for a virtual store

Last month I reported on the virtual subway store from Tesco. This month they’ve add more to their arsenal of innovation in the supermarket war. Rather than taking snapshots of food while waiting for the subway you’ll soon be able to ‘walk’ around a virtual supermarket thanks to Facebook’s Oculus Rift. Figure Digital have released a concept video showing what this might look like. However, Tesco are not only relying on these breakthroughs to bring its store of the future into reality. In ... Read more

5 simple steps to buy an EPoS System

The M1 is a second home to me. I don’t have the “feeling of freedom” that some drivers get when shifting down a gear to power onto the motorway. For me it’s a sense of familiarity, a returning home. You see I spend most of my week traveling up and down the country visiting business owners. Many of these journeys begin with a friendly phone call perhaps a week, a month or even a year earlier. Then we arrange a suitable time to visit ... Read more

The funniest Yelp response I’ve ever seen. It made me giggle.

The sign writer at Joe Dough Sandwhich Shop has a great sense of humour. I’ve already written how to hide bad reviews online but on the flipside you can have a lot of fun by pointing them out and making light of the reviews. That’s exactly what Joe Dough Sandwhich Shop, a deli from New York, did when their meatball sandwich was slated by a citizen reviewer on Yelp. It's perhaps the funniest Yelp response I've ever seen. Here’s a picture of the ... Read more

We’re in Birmingham next week helping Farm Shop & Deli owners with their retail technology

Do you own a farm shop or delicatessen? If you do then hopefully you’re coming to the Farm Shop & Deli Show at the NEC in Birmingham. The show is a trade only event taking place on the 24th – 26th March 2014 and Retail Computer Solutions have our own stand at the show. So come along to talk to us about your business and we can give you advice on the retail system that would be good for your requirements and ... Read more
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