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EPoS for General Stores

EPoS systems have been designed to maximise both security and stock management at your PoS system, access to the PoS systems are on a per user basis either by a micro striped card, password or reader. With its built options for multiple bar-coding, barcode generation and printing and in addition stock group and product searching you can ensure that the right item is always selected. Our easy to navigate customisable screen means that your operators can serve customers as quickly and as ... Read more

EPoS Systems in Butchery Shops

RCS can supply specialist software for Butchery/Farms shops. These kinds of shops sell a huge amount of items daily and are very promotion pro-active. EPoS systems are a great way of running promotions through a number of different departments (for example - cheese department, fish department and confectionary department) Our EPoS systems allow for friendly use, and make an automatic connection with the measuring scale, making fast and accurate measurements whilst providing a speedy customer service as the butcher is able to serve ... Read more

Second Screen Advertising

Did you know that with an EPoS system it’s possible to display advertisements on screen that faces your customers? Have you thought about getting paid by your supplier to advertise their products/services on your EPoS system? This is known as second screen advertising and is a great way of showing your customers what special offers you have whilst they are queuing up waiting to be served. This could lead to an increase in impulse buys ultimately leading to a more sales and an ... Read more

What is EPoS?

EPoS stands for “Electronic Point of Sale” and is commonly used when describing both the software and hardware used to efficiently and accurately record the sale or movement of goods or services within a business. You don’t need to be a retailer to make use of EPoS; many businesses including restaurants, hair dressing salons and fast food outlets make use of EPoS in some way or another with the common goal of becoming more efficient. When you are thinking about EPoS the ... Read more

Saving Time and Money with Retail Epos Systems

Retail epos systems are revolutionising the commercial world in a number of different ways but saving time and money is two of their chief benefits.Obviously, the phrase ‘time is money’ is rarely more apt than when talking about the world of commercial sales. Retail epos systems are now firmly established as one piece of technology which can have a massive bearing on saving both time and money. Choosing which retail epos solution is right for you is something best done after ... Read more
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