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Security Requirements in EPoS Systems

Ask yourself a simple question... What security requirements do you need in your point of sale system? Do you want staff to have access to all areas of the system? Or, do you want to restrict specific areas to managers only? Most of our customers like to divide access into different security levels. For example, it’s likely that a general manager will have access to all areas of the system. Supervisors will need access to void errors and mistakes, and they will need to be ... Read more


The AURES Sango is an award winning all-in-one touch screen terminal. designed to free up space beneath your terminal’s touchscreen! Space Under The Screen The Sango's flat LED touch screen monitor is suspended from its offset cast aluminium arm. This opens space under the screen, that could be used by a dedicated cash drawn, as there is no intrusive base, stand or foot to take over. Plus, the central unit and motherboard are held to the side in a separate polycarbonate housing. “One product ... Read more

Replenishment Economy: Here’s what the experts think.

"most of the items we purchase and consume on a day-to-day basis require no shopper consideration or inspection whatsoever. In fact, it’s conservative to say that at least 50 percent of the items in the center aisles of a grocery store are products purchased almost entirely on a replenishment basis; items like sugar, flour, frozen vegetables, detergent, tissue paper etc." - Doug Stephens, Welcome To The Replenishment Economy (more…) Read more

Amazon Physical Store: All the best news collected here.

Amazon's Physical Book Shop is here. While it's not the first physical store they have built it's certainly causing a buzz in the media with a taste of irony. The launch of Amazon Books, as the store is called, comes alongside news that Google has reportedly abandoned plans to open its first U.S. retail store. However, the ironic part is that Amazon is the company charged with the destruction of the physical bookstore industry, but now they're building their own. Let's take a look ... Read more

All About The Avery Berkel FX120

The Avery Berkel FX120 is the workhorse of many checkout counters in supermarkets throughout the UK. Not only that but it's also chosen by Farm Shops, Delicatessens and Butchers as a weighing scale that integrates with their point of sale. (more…) Read more

3 Retail Experts Worth Reading

3 Retail Experts Worth Reading In any industry there are thought leaders, futurists and experts but working out who is worth listening to can be difficult. Here are 3 experts who have spent years developing their knowledge of retail. This is the RCS list of Retail Experts worth taking the time to read. The Retail Champion - Clare Rayner "Clare Rayner, The Retail Champion, is a business owner, retail expert, consumer champion, high street campaigner and micro business backer. She is also a published author, ... Read more

Keyboard Layout Editor: Design your own POS

Welcome to the Keyboard Layout Editor. This is part 2 in our article series about the RCS POS Keyboard. Part 1 is an article about the Keyboard Layout Manager which you might want to read first though it isn’t key to understanding this article. So first things first, what does it do? The role of the keyboard layout editor is to make it easy for a store owner or user to create a point of sale keyboard. The editor uses a “what you see ... Read more

AURES Yuno: An introduction

The AURES Yuno is the lastest touch screen Point Of Sale terminal from the makers of the popular Sango. As with all AURES terminals it's a stylish and robust product that will look great in your store. It's also fully integrated which means the computer is built neatly into the back of the screen so there is no need for a tower system that'll take up space at the counter. Here's a video detailing the top features of the AURES Yuno. The Yuno becomes ... Read more

Aldi Online Shopping: Coming Soon?

Are rumours about the Aldi Online Shopping website a clever marketing stunt or is there a real business plan behind it? Many of the worlds top retail websites have published their thoughts on what it could mean for the retail industry especially the established eCommerce grocers. We've collected the best articles below: (more…) Read more

Keyboard Layout Manager: Control your Point of Sale

One of the great features of the RCS Point of Sale System is that you can virtually maintain an unlimited number of POS keyboards on the system. And, each keyboard can have a similar number of layouts or individual screens. This will become clearer throughout the article. Firstly, let’s meet the Keyboard Layout Manager. Here’s a screenshot: Before we discuss the Keyboard Layout Manager let’s first go over the hierarchy and relationship between the different elements that make up a keyboard in this system. The ... Read more
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