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RCS Systems Take Retail Head Office Management to the Next Level

If you are a multi-site retailer then the heart of your business beats in the head office; since every major decision that affects even the remotest store is made there and all feedback is sent back to it, every retail head office tends to be a really busy operational centre that can become difficult to organise and manage. Thankfully, EPoS systems did not only change customers’ experience around the world but also the way businesses manage their everyday functions and operations. The ... Read more

How to Manage a Warehouse Successfully

When it comes to warehouse management the greatest challenge that every manager has to deal with is how to maximise the effective use of resources and at the same time cut down on operating costs. So here are a few tips on how to achieve both targets! Safety Comes First Make sure that the building, equipment and procedures that you use comply with the current safety and operating regulations. It’s not just a matter of conforming to law requirements; it is in ... Read more

RCS – Proud Retailer of Avery Scales

 Avery Berkel weighing scales are widely regarded as one of the biggest and best brands in the retail sector and RCS is a proud retailer of Avery scales. This means we're able to offer their products as part of our retail hardware offer. RCS were first established back in 1989 by the current directors and we have had nearly a quarter of a century’s worth of experience in the weigh scale trade. Butchers will know how important it is to have weigh scales ... Read more

How an EPoS System Can Make Stock Management Easy

One of the main tasks in a retail store manager’s daily routine is stock management. Ordering and stocking the right products, in the right quantity and place, determines your business’s success; stock less or more than what you actually need and you may end up losing thousands of pounds. Customers are always looking for retailers that offer great products and services at the right prices. That means that if their favourite products are frequently “out of stock” in your store -or ... Read more

Boost Your Sales With An EPoS Solution

If all modern business wish to succeed it's important they then keep up with the high expectations of their clients when it comes down to expenditure and choice at the check-out. Long gone are the days when it was enough for employees to provide excellent customer service whilst processing their items. Times are changing and now people are looking for speed and efficiency when it comes down to shopping. Inventories have become much more complicated as many businesses are growing from ... Read more

Choosing the Right EPoS Hardware for Your Business

When it comes to customer service, things are moving fast in the retail sector. Not long ago cashiers would calculate the value of your purchase using a calculator, handing you a hand-written receipt; nowadays every transaction goes through an EPoS system< and self-checkout is already becoming the new market trend./a> Point of Salesoftware and hardware solutions, including features like touch screen monitors or barcode scanners, have made business management easier and more efficient than ever. They have also changed the way clients perceive ... Read more

Stepping Into The Future With An EPoS System

If you've not yet changed over to an EPoS system, then there's no better time like the present! EPoS systems are becoming more common place as businesses are becoming more aware of the money that they can potentially save and the benefits that can help to improve the overall standard of their businesses. Business owners are getting ahead by realising the benefits of an EPOS system, giving them an advantage over their competitors. Here are RCS we supply EPoS systems that have ... Read more

EPoS Systems – The Touch Screen Feature

EPoS systems are used in many hospitality businesses all over the world and they are so popular because they allow businesses to accept many different payment types including credit card and debit card payments. They will also record your cash sales extremely accurately. Are you impressed? Well...This is just the basics that an EPoS will do. RCS supply fully comprehensive EPoS systems that have the ability to not only record sales but can also control stock levels whilst providing you with extremely ... Read more

Choosing the Right EPoS System with Our Retail Consultancy Programme

Times are changing constantly on the retail field and part of a retailer’s success lies on whether he sees the signs early and “catches the tide” or not! From a puzzling dilemma on whether to franchise or not to an apparently simpler one, as whether to update your EPoS systems or rely on your dated ones a little longer, no business decision is as simple as it seems originally and may turn out to be a crucial one for your business. Technology ... Read more

Staff Management Becomes Easy With an EPoS System

You might have arranged everything else perfectly but not have given the necessary attention to staff selection procedures. Every retail business’s success depends a lot on its people, though; we all know that just one bad employee can do more harm to your brand’s reputation than a bull in a china shop. However, if you have already integrated an RCS EPoS System in your business’s systems you don’t have to worry about managing your staff. Our EPoS In-Store Management Solution features the ... Read more
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