According to the Museum of American History, the first ever cash register was invented James Ritty, who owned a Saloon in 1879. This invention was to help prevent his employees from stealing from him. Ritty was probably clueless that some decades later the cash register would be in almost every shop/restaurant/bar on the planet.

Since 1879 cash registers have developed phenomenally and now are a just a small section of a larger POS system that uses POS software which has the capability to manage a shop. A POS or Point of Sale is the area in which financial transactions take place, your customers pick up the products they desire and pay for them, this transaction is automatically logged in the POS system. POS systems complete everything from tracking sales to inventory management.

Modern POS systems can be incorporated with retail management software and hardware solutions that are operated by members of staff and management. These solutions give a business owner the ability to manage their whole enterprise from one single terminal.

Just a few functions that a modern day POS systems can provide:

Stock Control

The latest POS systems have the ability to keep an eye on the levels of stock in a store. This is very beneficial to a business owner as less time would be spent on staff having to manually sort stock, thus cutting costs of wages.

Loyalty & Marketing

One of the big benefits of EPoS systems is that they can allow you to track customer behaviours. POS software can also be used to develop loyalty schemes such as loyalty cards, vouchers and discounts in order to keep your customers happy.

Business Intelligence

POS provide business owners with detailed reports and information about sales, stock and other important data.

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