Complete Weighing Scales for all your retail EPoS requirements

Avery and Bizerba Weighing Scales

If you own or run a retail outlet and have a requirement to weigh goods at the point of sale then you will no doubt require a weighing scale. There are two trusted hardware brands on the market right now; Avery and Bizerba and these two manufacturers are renowned for delivering high quality, durable and reliable scales to clients of all sizes. Weighing scales really can help make your retail operation more streamlined and efficient and what’s more, you’re able to retail your goods with price/weight unit accuracy. The Avery and Bizerba weighing scales can be integrated into an EPoS system, for example, with barcodes which can be scanned at point of sale.

Print the price

Printing of the price, product and barcode labels is easy as a printer is part of the hardware supplied with your system. Labels can be designed to suit your business and can be changed depending upon the product you’re weighing. This feature is great if you want to add a personal touch to your labels such as a festive design for Christmas.

You can weigh loose items to better manage stock

If your weighing scales are integrated into a wider EPoS system they can greatly help improve your stock management function. Loose products which need to be weighed can be notoriously difficult to stock check, because of their very nature (you’re not going to count individual grapes for example). As the produced is processed through the system the software can record what has been weighed and sold, subtracting this amount from an opening stock weight. And if you know how much stock you have left at the end of the day you know what to order the next day and what to promote if there is a surplus. Your business therefore becomes far more pro-active than reactive.

RCS recognize the strengths of both Avery and Bizerba and offer both brands as part of their EPoS solution. Both provide solid, trustworthy weighing scales that are ideally suited to any outlet, from garden centers to butchers, delis to supermarkets.

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