The Avery Berkel FX120 is the workhorse of many checkout counters in supermarkets throughout the UK.

Not only that but it’s also chosen by Farm Shops, Delicatessens and Butchers as a weighing scale that integrates with their point of sale.

One of the reasons for the FX120’s popularity is it’s low profile, standing at just 87mm, that lets it sit flush with counter tops. It also has a wide range of display configurations such as column mounted displays and single or double sided LCD to suit your counter layout.

Also, compared to other ranges of Avery scales it’s one of their more affordable models.


For your information here are the scales physical specifications as displayed on the Avery Berkel Website’s FX120 page.

  • Capacity: 15kg x 5 g
  • Critical dimensions: 350mm x 280 mm x 87 mm deep
  • Operates from mains as standard


FX120 Under the Pan

The Avery FX120 is a sturdy, robust weighing scale with a long life that’s proven by it’s prolonged use in many stores. Our demonstration scale is an FX120 that’s over 10 years old and it’s still going strong. This is despite it being lugged around from demo to demo.

Avery Berkel FX120 baseAs you can see from the picture to the right the FX120 uses a metallic balance in the shape of a H to accurately weigh items placed on the pan.

The 4 rubber points (the black circles at the end of each arm) give the pan a cushion to sit on so there is no damage from metal on metal contact.

Also visible on this picture is the power cable which is shielded neatly in a bay under the pan. This bay protects the wire from being knocked while connected to the scale’s power connection.

Buying an Avery Berkel FX120

Avery Berkel have many resellers throughout the UK who supply their scales to retailers, wholesalers and production factories. Retail Computer Solutions is a proud retailer of Avery Scales. This means you can buy an FX120 from us, and if it’s purchased with one of our retail systems it’ll be covered by our one-stop customer care solution.

Call 01924 260 020 to discover more about our one-stop solution and receive a free, no obligation quote.

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